SSC Tuatara Acceleration is BRUTAL TO WATCH!!!

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Stefan Supra says:

Oh so SSC finally decided to show their speedometers….

Johny Cricket says:

My Granny´s Tesla is still faster though

Buba says:

Thanos driving that thing lmao

Google+ SUCKS BALLS - the worst forced social network says:

404 brutal not found

Stuart Campbell says:

Looks rough to drive.

Abz Deelo says:

That blew all his hair away ☺️

Joshua Hooks says:

We all know they lied about their speed record. It’s all sound not speed.

Cold War Fun!!! says:

I hate sQuArE steering WHEELS

fahad says:

Can’t see shit

Shariq AYAN says:

Probably edited fake

Brian spangler says:

What engine is in this beast?

Ryan Costa says:

Supra rsrsrs

Graeme Walton says:

Better watch out in todays out of control PC world the NZ Maori might want some koha $$$ for using 'their' word for the native lizard.

Martin Coufalík says:

oh that is that fake car 😀 😀

Snaky says:

I feel like people need to start making hot wheels cars like the Twin Mill (which has actually been made btw) to try and beat a world record at this point

BigBootySeeker1 says:

Sounds like the zentorno lol

Luc Houdremont says:

That’s more fighter jet than car 😂

Probably need some pilot training before driving it, considering the amount of G-Force this thing is generating on acceleration 😅

Daniel says:

What about the curves ?

Stephen XD says:

I hear vtec in this car

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