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Robert Mitchell says:

Here looking for the motortrend article…..

Andri Yuliarto says:

9½ minute video and no mention about the fact that ssc used only 2.3 mile run for the AVERAGE 282 mph?
To be fair, let's talk about what chiron did at the same length. Chiron managed 'only' 261 mph at JB proving grounds and that was 2.7 mile SINGLE run. I'm not american nor ever being there and I never hate bugatti, so let's be honest, SSC has achieved something with tuatara, at least for now, before others do better with the same 2.3 mile 2 way run.

Gareth Wigglesworth says:

Have to admit. I didn't think the yanks could pull it off. Hats off too them.

Bootleg Fujiwara says:


Asphalt 8 changing from fake speed to real speed:

Purple Cream Official says:

SSC can break 300 mph easy on a 7 mile track the Bughatti 304 mph does not stand only one way SSC the Kings of speed and style

사람 says:

Is that a prototype?

James Peek says:

This just proves that the first run was definitely a bunch of BS. They obviously tried to fool the community and this does nothing to make up for that in my opinion.

A3ØN Official says:

Im surprised the bugatti dickriding internet detectives havent tried to pull mental gymnastics to try and discard this attempt too, I guess the road markings on a runway arent speed cameras unlike on a public nevada road

Paul Kettner says:

It’s always going to be tainted by the fact that these scumbags tried to cheat their way out of it

Angus says:

I thought the Bugatti is the fastest production car

Shannon Ward says:

I love the content

Charles Jones says:

Gordon Murray's F1 did 241mph 29 years ago because it could, not because he designed it for that. These guys are building purpose built cars just to break Gordon's record and it doesn't even mean shit anymore.

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