SSC Tuatara hits SOME SPEED

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SSC to re-run record attempt: read the latest developments here →


28/10/20: SSC responds to 331mph video accusations →
29/10/20: Update and SSC statement →
31/10/20: SSC to re-run record attempt →

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Top Gear says:

Update: SSC responds to 331mph video accusations. We speak to Jerod Shelby, CEO of SSC

Mrbeaster 6000 says:

At the speed 532kmh you have been killled by potencial energy

Viktor Hernandez says:

no way that thing is faster than a Bugatti

Rayan Rabbani says:

So I'm pretty sure that the car will do "some speed" but this run was just not the one, yeah anyone back here since no new uploads have been done for a top speed record?

kugoo yeh says:

~highly recommended~
《Up We Soar》An animated film based on a true story

mouser485 says:

So, I guess, according to Dewetron, they did hit 301 and 331 according to these two press releases ?

Vlada says:

this is fake,let the camera on clock to see like on shiron🙄

mohamad hamizan says:

aku sampai sini sebab abang japkar mekanika je..


The camera on the left changed is fov real quick ngl

Sabine Dries says:

I bet the car cant even reach 450. I believe that the Koenigsegg Jesko can reach 510 kmh but this car wont

Nenoschitt says:

Why that 360 camera got me dizzy?

Muhd Adib says:

I think i could believe them , maybe peoples doesn't want to believe this because it's a CAR made by SSC and they never heard of it , well they hit a couples record with something looking like CAPSULE idk so yeah i believe them

sanjib banerjee says:

Ssc is bad
They are wrong ,why,why SSC?

Piggy says:

Imagine the speeding ticket

pet detective says:

Gauges are faulty

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