SSC Tuatara Record Re-Run: Is 282.9 mph a Real Record?

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Good morning, Carmrades!
In this video, @Robert Mitchell and I will talk you through SSC’s latest re-run and our opinions.

00:00 Good morning, Carmrades!
00:53 Recap
03:12 Why is Robert in the Press release?
05:20 Our Involvement
07:43 Did they do it?
15:40 “Production Car”
26:26 Two-Way Average
30:45 Will it go faster?
32:45 Are You Satisfied?

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Kevin Clark says:

It's a world record, and they have much more left on the table. I think their next run will need to be back in Nevada. The road is not as nice but the length is what's needed. Or VW can grow some balls and let everyone test there.
I do disagree on the comment about the limiter. I think if it has a limiter, it doesn't have the record. If I buy the car and it can't go the speed, then it doesn't deserve the record. Am I really that much more likely to kill myself going 300 than 280? Or more likely to hit 280 in some non-sanctioned event? These limiters just seem dumb.

mufflejoy says:

So refreshing to be in the company of petrolheads not married to a brand, genuinly interested in the innovation and pursuit of progress. Well done.

Tommy Wilson says:

SSC made a real big and real steep hill for themselves to climb back up but it's hard to think of a better way to start that climb than with integrity, professionalism and honesty.

Jon & Alycia says:

316mph is a long way off from 282

Ulrich Suter says:

the car is fast – strangely enough they did not go back to the same piece of road and suddenly the car is about 40 miles slower…

Roland Lawrence says:

its fast. but i dont care about these guys. the negative has sucked away any joy there might have been. also roberts kick to the kerb "well straight line speed is one thing but corners are much harder". so in robs words. the ssc is a drag car with american style circuit handling. ie like a barge.

Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius says:

Robert looks a bit sunburnt.

Jan Kees says:

I am the only one who is just staring all the time at the wheelarches of the cars in the back how cool and tight low they are? Race cars look the best!

Tiffany Mitchell says:

10:27 hahahahaha well done

Alfred Smith says:

I made it to the end! Guinness can only certify world records! That’s how you solve the problem! And Tuatara is crap!

Marcin Zetowski says:

Second pass.Take a look at the fact that between 450 – 460 km / h it accelerates by about a second faster than in the range of 420-430 km / h

N. O. says:

I live almost infinitely closer to SSC than I do to Koenigsegg but given the choice, I'd still buy the "slower" Koenigsegg, a Porsche 911 GT2 RS, or GT3RS than a SSC.

However, I'm not going to be able to get any of those any time soon. A Viper ACR or C7 ZR1 (or Z06) may someday be within my reach.

Don M says:

Well well well my crow eating doubting Thomas's. This astonishing blast of speed on a 3.2 mile stretch has been verified. Great driving, great engineering, great tuning. As this project continues to improve its top speeds on different tracks, we all look forward to the new levels of performance created…..Congratulations
Dyno Don

Frans Badenhorst says:

I really can not understand why this is jawboned to death? Geeeezus…. Well, for one, I admire Jerod, his calm demeanor throughout the whole "event", the re-run, putting up with critics, admirable… And that car will go to 300, for sure

1911indi says:

you guys are so good that i do not know which channel to watch first….misha or bobby ???
need to correct this dilemma before the ssc speed run !!!!!!!!!!

Alex Xander says:

How is that a world record? Didn't Bugatti do 304mph?

Tripod says:

To the Bugatti issue: Bugatti is not counted as a official record because Bugatti only does their runs in one direction. This is due to them using VWs high speed track in Ehra-Lessien near Wolfsburg with a straight of 8.7km. This track is only driven in one direction so they see it as unsafe to start driving a car in the other direction at nearly 500kmh because the asphalt would be too rough in that direction. But the whole test facility and the high speed straight are completely surrounded by dense woods so I don’t see wind as a major factor ..

Aaron says:

Nico Rosberg may have that pace in his Mercedes, but he still works for them.

ROB says:

282.9 mph? I thought they claimed 335 mph. I rather go with a more reputable company that doesn't fudge numbers for a car that is over a million dollars.

Jörg Schneider says:

Normaly i Like watching your Videos, but i think, there are other themes which deserve more time than this Video. Too Long. Just my 2 Cents. Go on Misha, i know you you have plenty ideas…. 😘😘😇😇

Alec Day says:

With a small top end adjustment and adjustment to the gearing for maybe 4th-7th gears, i could see the Tuatara go over 300 MPH (483 KPH) no problem as it has the acceleration already, it can hit over 200 MPH (322 KPH) pretty quickly and i could see it start to peter out at around 305 MPH (491 KPH) onto a 322 MPH (518.2 KPH) V-MAX. That is purely my guess. But if the gearing is made more aggressive I could see it going even higher than that. But 331 MPH (533 KPH) is pretty unrealistic to say the least and it is good for Jarrod and the boys to go back and redo the attempt as there was some fishiness to the initial record attempt back in October of 2020. Now they have an official record of 283 MPH (455 KPH) and it is a truly-earned record and I couldn't be happier for them congratulations to the team at SSC and the owner/driver of the car. they pulled it off and without much of a problem and i hope they go for 300 MPH (483 KPH) in the future cause that would be amazing if they did cause that is a race I hope they win cause of the redemption story here.

Abi Sahid says:

Also it would to be interesting for any car brand that attempts this top speeds runs to show the GPS real speed along with the car speedometer so we can see the differences .

Crash Test says:

Does the Bugatti run of over 300mph not count? Why is this the current record?

Ainsley Rowson says:

Not that impressed, with the power it has, not much faster than the Koenigsegg rs, still no where near the Chiron ss, we'l see wot the Hennessy f5 can do.

Danny Andhika says:

I've been curious about what happened to Ollie Webb and Buddy Wyrick after the first run is officially debunked. Were they 'fired' by SSC? Just hoping that they are okay after the whole ordeal. well at least I know Buddy is moving on coz he's starting to release new videos on his channel.

Jey Cee says:

Cool you guys have been some kind of governing body for word records lately just because you published the work made by others after the last record was debunked!!? Being street legal in 50 states is as true as 331 mph record! Incredible to hear you two guys quoting the (safety and road legality) lies of well known liars!! There is only very few loopholes in the US system, one is Show or Display for IMPORT (not applicable), one is the new REPLICA exception (not applicable because not replica and also needs EPA+CARB engine) and there is the kit-car exemption (it might work in some states, but I don't think you are going to get a kit-car with non EPA compliant engine registered in 50 states). any car with a licence plate is ready for fastest series produced car record!!?? really!!? The time with SSC have really damaged your objectivity!!?

Also the two way average was the first of it's kind, it's measured in two different points (over 1500 m apart). the true two way average (measured in one point) is well below 270 mph. Bugatti would not do a "made up" two way average, why do SSC think it's good enough?

I heard the word transparency but at the same time that you are professional and not going to share (whaaat?), can we get some good engine pictures from that day?

Layton B says:

A: No one wants to read or write anymore = no one is literate?!
B: America ~= the world (was there a least a Chinese standard measuring device on the car?)
C: I have said for years ”a Guinness World Record only has merit if you do it while drinking, a Guinness.”

Randy Diets says:

If "we prefer video" wheres the actual footage? Now a paid actors portrayed opinion is our "proof"

bushgreen says:

someone should make a private 10-20 mile straight paved road for top speed runs.

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