SSC Tuatara Sets NEW WORLD RECORD! Controversy Closed at 282.9mph

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The SSC Tuatara is now the fastest car in the world! Following the controversy of the first 331mph run, SSC have returned to action and set a two-way average speed of 282.9mph at the Space Shuttle Landing Facility in Florida, eclipsing the previous record of the Koenigsegg Agera RS.

In October 2020, the SSC Tuatara took to a stretch of tarmac in Nevada to attempt a maximum speed run, which was released through video to be 331mph in one direction, and 301mph in the other, for a record shattering 316mph average. This feat was mind blowing but the discussed started soon thereafter as the video itself raised many questions as to whether what it showed matched what was being claimed.

These varied from the direct comparison to the previous record holding run by the Koenigsegg Agera RS on the exact same stretch which appeared to travel between known fixed medians on the road in less time, to questions over the gearbox within the car and whether it would have been possible to reach such a speed in 6th gear. With other topics raised from the tyre situation, to the painted lines on the road, no clear data and supporting video came forward and therefore Jerod Shelby announced that SSC would return to give it another shot.

In the months that have followed, SSC have undertaken a number of testing days with the Tuatara to really put it through the paces and build up the speed in the chase for a new world record. After numerous hurdles, that objective was met on 17th January, 2021 at Space Florida’s Landing Launch Facility with Johnny Böhmer Proving Grounds, being driven by Larry Caplin, the owner of Tuatara #001. The exact run details for the two-way average of 282.9mph recorded by a 100Hz VBOX 3i system are as follows:

Northbound 279.7mph @ 14:38:09 PM local time
Southbound 286.1mph @ 15:28:51 PM local time

The full videos can be found with Driven Plus:

There was never a question that the SSC Tuatara is an immensely capable car and was likely to be able to break the previous record, and even with that objective now met, the question becomes where is the limit given the clear acceleration the car was still matching when the markers for the breaking zone were reached. It is however fantastic and hugely respect worthy to SSC that they have gone out to show exactly what it can do and have made that happen.

Thank you to Robert for shooting behind the scenes and joining this video:

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
01:25 The Controversy
03:16 Disclosure
04:50 Record Day Vlog
08:47 Northbound Run
12:02 Southbound Run
15:00 Afterthoughts
17:05 What’s Next?
18:42 Conclusion

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Shmee150 says:

SSC have set a new world record! With a two-way average speed at 282.9mph, the Tuatara has certainly demonstrated immense capability. With the same mechanical setup and gearbox as the first run, what do you make of the latest news? Congratulations to SSC on this huge achievement!

Richard Hutchinson says:

I still think they lied on purpose to draw attention away from bugatti why else cover the speedometer. It's not as fast as the Chiron supersport so they still talked rubbish to get attention. Yeah well done on the record but 282.9 nowhere near 304.7 never mind 331. They got attention kept saying it was legit then returned the record once enough interest was raised, then tried again initially it was we're faster than Bugatti was deliberate bs and it worked.

Andrew Newton says:

If they just fudged the the numbers a bit no-one would be any the wiser, but hey this is the USA dolup an extra 50 mph ha

Thorfinn986_doesn't_do_average says:

I saw a video of a Veyron doing 304MPH last week.

David Kitleli says:

what happened to 300mph? I thought that was their target

xiami says:

"only" 50 mph less hahahahaha, fucking clowns couldn't own up and tell the truth that it was fake

Vikki Wilkin says:

First attempt same as US election….reruns for all

Saitama Fans says:

who are you. You see the SSN North America channel says Jerod Shelby about fake recol. people think how many times to make a car. making a video recording about the record is not as easy as your forehead. you have to take courage to go through the top speed. and the one who made the fake record content he really is not responsible for the work of people and you create content without thinking, only your fanatical soul capital

Retro Gamer Sev says:

So not 300mph like they originally said it did? So both parties lied

Juan de la Cosa says:

Just consider an engineering company with +-50 mph tolerances, that level of "misscalculation" is unheard of.

A.D. Steel says:

It’s clear this car is for real. I’m betting over 300 is still possible as a record for this car with more tarmac. We saw what it did in only 2.3 miles.

mazhar Fardos says:

Beautiful Car

Juan Lopez says:

Shmee has a face profile resemblance of Michael Schumacher

GSHeverything _27 says:

That car can do 300+MPH easy

Hubert Kostkowski says:

f ssc- r no proffesional and pathetic, very hard make "dream try video"… fu ssc!

Mehul Rathore says:

It was indeed less that 331

Mehul Rathore says:

They were lying

46wireboy says:

GPS can't even record my walk distance two days in a row without losing or gaining up to .25 miles.

kuya jay biker dude says:

The bugatti can beat that….

Hedgehogfranc says:

uhhhhhh the jesko is the fastest car shmee

infonator07 says:

Erm, how is this faster than Bugatti Chiron which hit 304mph? And SSC claimed that their car hit 331mph in the first video, now officially it's "just" 282mph which is measly 50mph slower than what they have claimed lol.

Chris Sweeney says:

wtf he talkin about was he video real of fake didnt answer question at all …ffs

jermaine austin says:

Yeah, imagine if social media was out in 1969 when they did moon landings would been outed as fake very quickly.

They tried to pull a fast one with the 330mph run

PoMan_911 says:

Wonder how much it cost for this damage control?


Anyone complaining of the distance let him take the sac to where the bugatti super sport reached a milestone of 304. The road is enough for ssc to prove themselves

TomEnduro says:

What’s the definition of a “Production Car”? How many need to be produced to be classed as a production car?

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