SSC Tuatara | Speed

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Here is a little speed to brighten your day…
#ssctuatara #lifebeginsat300 #yearofthetuatara


mal GG says:

Can the Stig test this on the track

Arne Bollensen says:

You are the man.🤜😎👌

Smarak Palai says:

Congratulations SSC for going above 500 kmph

psy surendhar says:

We want 0 400 0 record plzzzzzzzz😭😭😭😭❤️❤️🔥

Pankaj Jagtap says:

Here after the 331mph world record..
Buggati who??

K says:

What are those seatbelts for lol?

Pallab Jt. says:

Who's after world record?

minduton says:

Doesn't it accelerate downhill by chance (alá Nikola)?

Bharath S says:

SSC, Koenigsegg…What's up with bald men and the world's fastest cars. I think Bezos will be launching a hyper car soon😄

Gabriel says:

I love this car…and want.

Mituraj Baishya says:

Congratulations SSC for your new breakthrough

Shove 98 says:

I was waiting this car from 6 years… When I've seen the project…

P.S Drag Racing of Creative Mobile have this model in the game from almost 4 years

yoda calvin says:

SSC used to be on top until Bugatti came along… Then Bugatti became the king until SSC dethroned the Chiron SS by making this beast!

Matthew Morrison says:

tesla leaves the chat

Sourav Vijay says:

Looks like he did it 🙂

msDhoni fan says:

How many came here after tuatara broke world record and became fastest production car ever

Ahmed Diagne says:

“Koenigsegg has entered the chat”

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