SSC Ultimate Aero #15 1200HP Showoff startup, air brake

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Small Feature of a 2011 SSC Ultimate Aero (car # 15 of 15) at a
supercar show. Listen to the startup & watch the air brakes rise!


Jonathan Herring says:

I'm sitting right next to #15 SSC in this video as we speak lol theres also a Mosler Raptor, Saleen S7 Type R, 3- GT40's, a Murceilago, 2- GTR's and a Typhoon.

Patrik Žec says:

0:351:08 BMW Lime rock in he back

Garfian Gantara says:

only stupid people who buy this car

Former Martian says:

ill take the p1 over that ssc.

Steven Gardner says:

sexier than a veyron

John Smith says:

This car gets more pussy, and that is where the argument ends guy.


I don't think your bike will touch 260mph, nor is it as cool. But it does cost less 😀

Jared says:

Your bike is nowhere near as fast.

xarnoldx10 says:

i love these so fuckin much haha great video

Johnathan Sanchez says:

Getting alllllll the bitches!

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