SSC Ultimate Aero – Guinness World Record Holder

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SSC’s Ultimate Aero video from their high speed testing.


dragoonuvl says:

"I'd take a Bugatti over any american build car just cause its a Bugatti." So if your a Bugatti fanboy, why are SSC video?

TheSillypig says:

ok one more time:
Bugatti wanted to build a car that could do 400 KMH in the freezing cold or boiling heat and last as long as a normal family car.

SSC wanted to make the fastest car, regardless of how long it could do it.

If you think the SSC beats the Bugatti just cause its faster your immature about cars.
I'd take a Bugatti over any american build car just cause its a Bugatti. Bugatti has a long history and means so much more then a fricking SSC.


Ultimate aero does 322kmh to 406kmh in 16s flat. doubt even the agera r will beat it, much less veyron SS.

robert farris says:

according to the v box acceleration the standard aero with 1178 hpwhich is featured here out performs the ss veyron from a stop to top speed, there are two more aeros with more hp so ssc ftw…….

Adeum Deus says:

@Tippotipo Nice try, dumbass. But production top speed runs were certified by Guinness and cannot use race fuel. So epic fail, Veyron-Fanboi troll.

Oiski1 says:

@guzlla I think that the music must be from northern Europe. The string instrument at the beginning of this video (0-22s, 0:44 – 1:06) is called "Kantele", better known as a "Finnish zither"

The SSC Ultimate Aero TT is by far the most scariest four-wheel car ….. IN THE WORLD!

Tippotipo says:

Additionally, that SSC UA used race fuel for the run.

edtri19 says:

@ASSHOLELA Of course, they could not simply shut down an entire highway. There is also no such thing as a Veyron GT only the SS


well, that section of the vid you saw was James May driving the Bugatti SS, correct? That particular bugatti was limited to 258mph, like all other non-record SS. The power begins to be cut when the revs are close to 258mph, so thats why it appears to be struggling.
Pierre Raphanel drove the non limited SS,( watch?v=LSFX9vrwJf8&feature=related 5:15), 416- 420 in 2s, while this SSC aero, 410-413s in 4s (1st run) and staying at 409kmh for 3s (2nd run).


true, but the ferrari f40 record is done on a tarmac as well, and then there is the Mojave Airbase where a veyron GT reached 256mph.
In fact, I google Mapped the highway the SSC was setting the record on, and its a full 10.5km long (> ehra 9.8km) ,highway 223 Washington , and it appears that SSC only used the first 2.5 miles of it.LOL/

edtri19 says:

@ASSHOLELA Err but the record has to be done on tarmac so those areas you mentioned are not applicable.

edtri19 says:

@ASSHOLELA Well the video i have seen of the Veyron ss attaining its top speed, showed it struggling to get .1 MPH at a time whilst on a poor road surface, the SSC was able to accelerate from 240-250 far more easily than the bugatti


aerlingus is right you know. You compare the topend accel of the aero with the topgear vid of Veyron SS Henry Raphenel doing 427++kmh on ehra, you can see the SSC aero's speed stagnating at 410kmh while the veyron SS keeps rising at quite a rate above 427kmh.
the SSC has waaay faster topend accel than the veyron, but its topspeed is less.

edtri19 says:

@aerlingus18 Well to be honest, they Veyron was struggling way more at the same speed. I mean, the SS took like 2 miles to get from 250-267 whereas this did the whole thing in about 1/2 of Ehra Lesissens distance


and i dont need to prove anything. every other source mags, websites, books, say the f1 has 627hp. you beg to differ. so that why you're obviously the one who must prove something.


ya but ess himself can say one thing. for all you may know he's the one's whose lying.
ppl like ess have less credibitility than a manufacturer soof course, obviously, it means less to him if he lies/

JellyBird12 says:

@ASSHOLELA And do you really think its hard for manufakturs to lie about power output? if so, your quite ignorant, stock GT-R have put out 570hp, GT2's has put out 612hp, RS4 has put out 453hp, SLR has put out 651hp, ACR has put out 642hp, 575M has had 549hp, SL65 has had 702hp, avan Bugatti said the Veyron puts iut between 1020hp and 1200hp non SS, yet for some odd reason it, the F1 cant put out 730hp? cmon, dont be ignorant, Very few ppl dyno cars, and cars of this caliber, but few have.

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