Starting up the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ 🔥 Thoughts on its sound? #shorts #lamborghini #supercars

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Sebastian Pokraka says:

A Tadek Kajunia

Lgdfkvzd Kgzuxxj says:


Russia says:

It literally sounds like a VW Beetle.

Skill Drill says:


Skill Drill says:

The lamborgini lovers must officially know that its main colour on a lambo is green

Siham says:

Yes, the beep sounds amazing

Nicolas Maeder says:


Nicolas Maeder says:

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Nicolas Maeder says:


FNS Clan Official says:

Beautiful car!!!

Icrem Ibor says:

Sounds good buttt. You paid extra money for the the carpets. Also it has a caset player right?

jay overmars says:

That sounds amazing😻😻

Tarini Anusuya Panigrahi says:

You have a freking LAMBORGHINI!!!

Majeda Begum says:

Lamborghini huracan is really spent

Aida Mustafaeva says:

Это тачка просто супер пушка 😀😀😀😃. это бугати

Sagor Surder says:

shis car my 10♥♠♪♣♦<>{}[]~~££®®====


He thought the car would be hide with the grass

Maridaje Olivera says:


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