Stig Crashes The Koenigsegg CCX | Top Gear

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The Stig tests himself by putting the Koenigsegg CCX round the Top Gear test track for a second time.

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Jason Voorhees says:

Hmm so the Koenigsegg is now a bolide from beamng drive

Kavinsky Smith says:

you know I wonder what happened to this CCX in particular, like is it still around, did it bite the dust, does the company still own it, was it a prototype, as this car and this clip I'd be willing to say is the reason why this companies still around, as before this, who knew what this company was.

࿐кαrєєм sτrєαмs࿐ says:

Get an Instagram account plz

Effect Phoenix says:

Stig sucks, I'm sorry but that's true

Brenda Edwards says:

"Oh my God! That's the first time The Stig has ever ever been off the track!"

a456987 says:

After that konegsegg added a wing to the car

Robert Nussberger says:

The rims on the car look a tad bit outdated.
Not that I have a problem with that. It looks like a 1997 Hotwheels rims. It gives it character, and I like it.

- Heldtooth - says:

why so many dislikes?

Colin Dempsey says:

Stig; "well shit"

Julian Khan says:

un gelato, per favore

Paul Jr. Harrington says:

This Koenigseggseggiggikoeniggsseggggssenessgg CCX is chassis #030, the same car wrapped yellow for its appearance on the movie Redline.

Paul Jr. Harrington says:

How it exactly is spelled: Koenigseggseggiggikoeniggsseggggssenessgg CCX

Mystic Crazy says:

This car looks like it handles like crap. It does for sure in Forza 6.

Swift says:

Why are we disliking Stig? I feel bad for him, he has to now work for some gingers, he is very confused. :'(

SONBoomer says:

OMNOMNOM tyrewall.

Ninjewk20 says:

God I miss Jeremy the new top gear staff s*cks major a**

I need To be stopped says:

Our champion has fallen, the end is nigh.

Joel S says:

Well, after that incident, I doubt Bugatti was any more willing to lend them a Veyron.

Sean Bretherick says:

Damm you BBC my one true car weakness

Dáithí Ó Mara says:

I have stinky armpits right now, and I cannot stop smelling them.

B60 Delta Wing says:

Looks like the Koenigsegg handles horribly.

DJScrafty Productions says:


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