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Subaru impreza 2001 (DiRT 4)

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Downshifts = Zututututu 😀
(All assists OFF)

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籾井円廣 says:

misfiring system

Chris Vaccaro says:

I keep on reading how people are saying screw dirt 4 dirt rally is way better and saying all dirt 4 players are on the bandwagon kinda like all you people who are overly obsessed with a game made by the same company are all riding that bandwagon if you really supported the company youd like both games regardless and you would give constructive critisism not call the game trash

MC PROductions says:

What is those numbers like left 3 right 5

Phoenix's World says:

Armezin' Result! Tharts onbeatable!

BotPlayer Legacy says:

Bunta be like "can u shut the fuck up?"

Daily Atom says:

Sound was perfect

valts LP says:

Back fire fo days

Raven Douglas says:

Is this what GPS do all the time? game looks fun but I don't want to hear someone talk at each turn

Justus Campbell says:

This game looks so fun i really want it

Dakota Shaffer says:

Who has a wheel and plays 3rd person?!

Mustafa Yilmaz says:

thanks for satisfaying me

Adam De Sousa says:

This game makes me wanna puke

Bastiaan Oskam says:

You are missing a pedal

Freerider Dave says:

Chase cam ??????

TheVigilante says:

I remember you having barely 5000 subscribers. Now look where you have come, thats a great achievement.

Sam Weems says:

How do u play with ur feet that close to eachother without crampin

The Placebo Effect says:

Why do people use kph? I hate that crap!

TheREAL Gaming says:

The camera is not to sincronized with the video

Itz_Ya_Boi_Ryan says:

No offense but you drive kinda slow. I would be ripping the ebrake around those corners and hitten some mad skids

John Sullivan says:

its such a damn shame toyota was completely absent in dirt 4. man i was hoping for some groub b celica and maybe the st205 gt four

iZajRes GS says:

It's not a DIRT anymore ?


Fresner Florissant says:

I hate spain. Its so annoying especially at night.

AER0 RL says:


Jefferson Winfrey says:

That auto tranny tho

nizar razzouk says:

Look at the exhaust it is disgusting it is square and the car shouldn't sound like this it sounds shit

Nabil André Belkhir says:

Dirt rally cars have no weight, dirt 4 cars do, one wrong move in dirt 4 and you lose control of your car, if try group b in dirt 4 with simulation mode on and all assists off, you will have a hard time a really hard time

Alex says:

Adding more crackles and pops still doesn't make it sound like a real boxer 4 sorry lol

Donkey Squidward says:

Guess I just suck on the wheel cuz I just got the Ferrari one for Xbox one and it's hard af, the only thing I hate about it is that when u take ur foot of the accelerator and press the break at almost the exact time the pad the pedals are connected to goes up then slams down when u change feet

DRifted_NOS S says:

Do you need a good wheel setup to play this ir would it work with my cheap as thrustmaster wheel?

CupCS says:


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