Subaru Impreza 22B STI: The Original Rally Icon! – Ignition Episode Ep. 98

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On this episode of Ignition, Carlos Lago reviews the extremely limited Subaru Impreza 22B STI. Created to celebrate the automaker’s 40th anniversary and multiple consecutive World Rally Championship wins, the 22B is a wider, more powerful, and very special version of the STI. And when we found out there was one in the country, we had to drive it. How does this right-hand drive, decade-plus old car fare? This week, we find out.

Ignition appears every Monday on the Motor Trend youtube channel.

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Daniel says:

They should re-sell this car…

Ángel De Muro says:

Best Impreza Ever

Namoz Malaznievenk says:

I'm not a huge fan of Subarus but these are so damn nice looking.

blkbelt203 says:

I want ? can't afford.

fakk you says:

258 dislikes
258 evo owners or Just 258 retards ??

GKY says:

22B the B is not for the turbocharged, but for Boxer…

Alex Hong says:

Every now and then I rewatch these videos, especially of this and the RX-7. Just to bask in the glorious cinematography of the video, and how they will forever immortalise these beasts in ones and zeros.

The ANT says:

for what they cost, I'd rather build my own version or buy a TME evo VI (at least they were a homologation car)

Brandon Capone says:

Yeah chad and travis and the rest can piss off

That Guy says:

Wrong. The ORIGINAL rally icon is the lagacy. Do your research

Mouad louar says:

using the same clips over and over …

Killabee-23 says:

It's sad to some people but this is my dream car. I would trade my 2014 WRX for it in a heart beat.

vaibhav boodooa says:

subie is my life

King Derp says:

Am I the only one who thought this dude tossed a nut to this car?

Hanchock Elias says:

My dad had a 1984 1800 4WD when I was a kid and I loved that car, now Im 18 and trying to find one, that car never disapointed me, no matter how steep the hill was it always went up easily

capitán_ camote_picante says:

nah.. the original rally icon is the Lancia Delta-S4.

Abz Aden says:

I'm still running in the 90's ??

Swaggy P says:

wish they sold these in the US (Impreza stis that were made before 2000), anyone who wanna sell me one lemme know

Sam Pagett says:

My Uncle's friend has one of these that he bought brand new and it had been stolen 3-4 times and he's in the process of fixing it up now 🙂

Colton Allen says:

Oh! My heart! IT HUUURTS!!!
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

Nick Cost says:

Bunta sent me.

Chance Donnelly says:

FACT-Subaru dosen't even place in the top 10 for reliability. They also don't even place in the top 10 in the rally circut. Read a book before you praise this mediocur car!! dont be a sheep

Cagedand Enraged says:

should just scrap the BRZs and make shit like this again

Von Sterner says:

Oh my. I would love so much to drive a 22b.

Blarg Oxy says:

He said great so many times it lost all meaning

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