Subaru Impreza AWD Drift

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Just a video I found in my collection, not sure where I got it from. Subaru Impreza with a backfire system to eliminate turbo lag. AWD drifting on a mountain pass.

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Dylan Chubbs says:

This was the first thing I ever downloaded on lime wire when I was like 13. Almost 15 years later I still dream about it.

King Pleb says:

Backfire system


is that even drifting? that looks more like power sliding. im just saying.

A.C.A.B 1312 says:

A fucking shotgun in that exhaust

Joe says:

I wonder which year transmission he's running. To drift you need either a clutch type rear lsd (cucsco, kaaz, etc). Stock r180 can be modified for higher preload and lower ramp angles. Center would need to be open or if dccd, set to full open. Don't know about front lsd.

wethorsecock says:

step 1 have an incredibly high powered expensive worked subaru
step 2 handbrake abuse

scr34m1ng says:

Within the first 7 seconds I could just tell this was from 2006

jimjones90 says:

How…..could anyone…….give this vid a thumbs down…??????

French Street-runer says:

french rally driver

diemtemptation1 says:

Fucking weak sauce………

titus ayoola says:

Uruapan I love the

wulf Cole says:

its hard to drift an all wheel drive do to all that traction

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