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Subaru Impreza vs Cam Sinclair Dirt Bike – Amazing Stunt Filled Chase – Top Gear USA – Series 2

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Tanner Foust tests the Subaru Impreza all terrain abilities to the limit in a race against X-Games champion Cam Sinclair on a Yamaha YZ250 dirt bike. Buckle up for the most insane, stunt filled, Hollywood style epic chase challenge ever seen on Top Gear USA in glorious HD.

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Brandon Taylor says:

Get urself a trailmaster 200 minibike

AndyGoesBraap says:

Someone wanna tell me why he starts on a 2 stroke Yamaha but switches to what seems like a 4 stroke Honda?

Sarg Tankermanker says:

whats the music at the start

Kevin Reinner says:

That sure is a stock STi:D

Northern Rider says:

Id love to do this challenge with my rzr turbo

lukaofthshire says:

Good God that was terrible

_Underscore_ says:

I like this video because the run have awsome pictures but seriously? you will say "oh yeah the car and the bike just are in the same place at the same moment? and we have make 1 million cameras because we don't know where the cars will go? and the motobike change in middle of the run????? it's just to staged…

FHI says:

It's a car show, not a documentary

N Musharbash says:

Another reason why the original Top gear was much much better… This is just dull and super staged!

Alex Someda says:

whats the year of that sti

Sadrick Smith says:

I have seen alot of races some of them between bikes and cars I also have seen rally races between cars and bikes but this race is the most epic I have seen in my life

Tim Leppin says:

so planned. ecerythings just a show ?

Jacob Denton says:

changed bikes and 2 stroke to 4 while using 2 stroke sound in clips

TannerTab says:

"It's not that different" yeah sure it's only lost the interior and has more power and has a better diff and gearbox and suspension and brakes. No biggie. No difference. That'll do

kurayami893 says:

looks all plan out. car jump over the bike, bike jump over the car. sure in a real race everything in sync.

mark000068 says:

top gear usa sucks

Nadia Atia says:

off curse subaru
I love this car very much

Steve says:

this is insulting.

Christopher Barger says:

hard to believe none of this was staged…

Kakto Tak says:

4:41 Hey. What are Д and a red star doing there? It's cyrillic letter.

Mr. Akins says:

Subaru is best for rally racing

cevansinz says:

If there wasn't a schlock reality show narrative over the video and I didn't know it was a "race," the video would be as entertaining as Ken Block's Gymkhanas.  But no.

Anthony says:

Anyone knows the beginnig music, please ?

Mc_ Skyline says:

u know he did not drive that's subi

Alucard Lucardu says:

why are so many haters

km sti says:

I dont know about you guys but this is not a race at all.

HawkeyeOfTheSky says:

didnt seem to keep his tounge in very well lol

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