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Subaru impreza wrx loud exhaust

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subaru impreza wrx with an afterburner vortex exhaust reving and then pulling away

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Alex Mc says:

How to go deaf 101


Mine is louder 🙂

Kaiser says:

They turned the vol up and distorted the actual sound.

Colm Mchugh says:

Hon the Irish

geogan2 says:

i thought you were in a field away from people and then at end I see you were in estate beside peoples houses. the poor neighbours…

Son of Euclid says:

fucking pussy. get a better mic you dumb cunt.

Ko-wing wong says:

The ultimate Subaru sound

Exerminator2000 says:

proof that imports dont have to sound like shit.

Skl1cent says:

that was an ambulance LOLLLLL

FyburOptik says:

PCH sweepstakes? No way– Uncle Ben's Clearing House!

tallica1988 says:

Stick your smart car up your arse.

alanalanalan21 says:

brb. changing pants.

russ sneed says:

Only douches drive loud vehicles.

matt nelson says:

@swag3441 read description

zach milleer says:

what kind is it

finn tiney says:

shes an irish yoke !!!

Brian Lillquist says:


TheScoobNoob says:

Wait is it really illegal to get this exhaust cause I want it really badly!

Carl Zandberg says:

@hondacrazy123 flat 4 engine.

Thomas Stevens says:

that from Afterburner Vortex

hondacrazy123 says:

can someone please tell me the answer to this if it sounds stupid, dont really care, what makes that burble noise??? is it the turbo? cuz it sounds awesome

Kha Zix says:

Sounds like chuck norris snoring

hunter gurney says:

In the beginning the camera makes it sound like crap just saying

darkstallion666 says:

Sounds fucking amazing, bit distorted, but thats only due to the mic.

I bet that sounds unbelieveable in real life

marco33717 says:

Sounds like a stupid white trash muscle shit car jaaa

Jacob B says:

That sounds awesome tho man. That's how it should sounds that's what blocks sounds like so stop hatin mu fuckas and give credit were credits due

Jacob B says:

I gotta 5.9 jeep straight thru nocat, flmomaster 44s and that bitch is loud and I've gotten many compliments from police they do not care as long as your not an asshole ,like streching 1st gear to 5000+ rpms, I've had cops tell me to rev it in front of them state boys at that. Cops hate ricer sounding cars their too overbearing and annoying

jbascomb1 says:

Sounds like shit, camera sucks

tusselman159 says:

thats way a WRX should sound

purplekushcandy says:

sounds like shit bro….. get better sound!!! maybe it will make a difference

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