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nik kadimov says:

это авто создано для дрифта

Rayne Man says:

too late dumping the clutch into the donuts
i fishtail mine 4/5 times and then do it

Виталий Лебеденко says:

она могет

Herbert Steiner says:

Is the engine original ? Or tuned ?

Marcin G. says:

Your Impreza – My dream car 😀

Nck Riper says:

Thats the stuff

Metaphysical Grace says:

That's power sliding lol. Maybe a faint here n there

Onur Kurt says:

vay amına koyyim ya.

Anon Resistance says:

how much money do you have into that thing? what are the specs of that beast?
i have a 79 Pontiac firebird right now but im getting ready to add an impreza to my garage and kinda wanna know what its gonna take

Jorge Salazar says:

Fuckin up the whole suspension system that's it :/

Tune In says:

Never buy one used!!!

Showtime Brazil says:

this car is amazing im always fascinated by it ive been trying to find a video tutorial on how to drift awd do u use the e brake or something?

Assasinpiggles says:

I was expecting a mediocre teenager driving, but boy, oh boy was i wrong.

wheelyking89 says:

couldn't help but smile throughout this, cant wait to get my Scooby.

Bachir Mouazen says:

Ken block called , he want his driving skills and car back 🙂

ashleyveedub says:

When this guy sells the car his post be like "very careful owner, never abused well looked after and never red lined" lool!

Sándor Szűcs says:

Erről a videóról mindig egy autós hirdetés jut eszembe persze nem teljesen pontosan: "Eladnám megkímélt Subaru Impreza WRX STI-met" hát persze hogy megkímélt:-D

mrmovin12345 says:

Well they are suppose to be driven like this lop its a rally car so it shoyld be able to handle it

ahudson2012 says:

People drive them like this then go on to say they are unreliable…

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