Supercar Rally With The NEW Fenyr Supersport! And $3.4M Lykan Hypersport (Fuel Run 2018)

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Fuel Run 2018 was my first supercar rally and it was a blast! We saw an amazing collection of cars including the $7M (ish) LaFerrari Aperta!

Thanks to everyone who participated in 2018 Fuel Run Monterey it was a great experience and I can’t wait to do it again in 2019!

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Craig Payne says:

Beautiful spot where you stopped for lunch (10:42)…I backed the video a few times, hoping you mentioned the town's name. I don't think you did. Could you tell me please? What scenery!!

You must be having the time of your life!!

Brian Rocha says:

w motors fenyr looks gorgeous, your very lucky to see it congrats, man that looks so good on the camera in person would be 10x better. : )

hiep tran says:

i waht your chanel along time i like every your video , i have quesation where is this location?

marius883 says:

14:00 RIP headphone users 🙁

Ivan Mendoza says:

song name from  the 2:30 minutes view ?


Loved the video mike! So cool seeing you drive on all the highways that I get to drive on all the time! I’m so lucky to be able to live here, and drive on the gorgeous highways whenever I have time!


HW1, right onto Las Virgines, North onto 101 exit hw154 in Santa Barbara, 154 back to 101, Exit Santa Rosa St, San Luis Obispo, northbound hw1, stop in Morro Bay for lunch, continue through Cambria on hw 1, through San Simeon, turn around, turn east on hw 46 W towards 101, northbound on 101, through Paso Robles, San Miguel etc, exit hw 68 West in Salinas towards Carmel, arrive in Carmel.

Nick Graham says:

I wish I knew when yall were stopping in morro bay, I live 10 min away 🙁 I drove up to Monterey for car week tho

Richard Raley says:

That Lykan is one ugly car!

Tom Billick says:

Mike goes to CA for fun and to explore the car community and everyone jumps his a$$ calling him a super car chaser like the "rest of tubers" and "that's all his new content is anymore"..Lets not forget the guy bought a $500 car 2 weeks ago to make more "what if" videos etc. I watch the other channels as well, but Mike still keeps it real. Good on you Mike, keep doing what you love doing!

And to flip it.. if he went to CA and participated in the Fuel Fun, but didn't post any footage, the same people hating would be saying " WTH Mike..where's all the footage from the Fuel Run"?

Sushant Karmakar says:

Can anyone name the app for navigation at 9:29 ?

Sushant Karmakar says:

Which app were you using for navigation at 9:29 ???

gorviv529 says:

@AutoVlog nice video man. Enjoyed this series of LA videos. Hope you do more rally events. The cars are sick.

tricky dicky says:

How I would love to do something like that!! It must cost a small fortune, but sooooo worth it.

Guitar 1 says:

@ 1 sec…….AutoVlog is going 96mph……as he passes a 65mph sign!!! 30mph+ over the speed limit…..Shouldn't that be an automatic loss of license?

James Pugh says:

What a group of cars Mike. Keep eye out. Tim from shmee150 and sam from seenthroughglass is also their

Damon Colbert says:

The Lykan and the Fenyr are "fiya" and "otc"! Of course, the La Ferrari Aperta is the best thing about the video! I really like me some Ferrari!!! The view is really nice too! I especially like the pov in the cockpit of your Benz! This is a pretty good video.

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