Supercharged Lamborghini vs. Dodge Demon. 800hp Battle! // This vs. That

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What a time to be alive. Where it’s not even that far fetched to have a bone stock factory car come with 800+ horsepower. Or to have a car hit that number with *very* minimal mods. So, what’s better? 808 all-American horses in a Dodge Challenger, or a modded Lamborghini Huracan Performante, with a supercharger from VF engineering?

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Kevin William says:

I like the dodge demon more

Jesús Enrique Hernández Solano says:

It was pretty obvious that the demon was going to lose , like cmon , the performante haves more HP , its lighter and also it isnt a god damn brick , so for the demon fans… im sorry

andre thesavasge says:

A better race would be stock car vs car

EnterTheCarp says:

Dang that’s stealth mode sheep dip. Love that

Otaku Senpai says:

Lol road didnt have traction nor the demon was properly driven cuz demons whole chasis falls bac plus almost does a wheelie meanwhile THIS

سعود العسيري says:

A demon cow is still a cow, but it’s a good cow I’ll give you that

Muller David says:

Some1 wake up the dodge demon driver.

Sawyer Cascone says:

The adventurous diaphragm substantially pull because pedestrian complementarily heat throughout a tedious impulse. hanging, brown weather

Onslaughter 306 says:

Where do we start?
Me : start by taking the dealership plastic of the demon.

Joe Father says:

why buy a demon to never touch?

Farmer101 says:

Anybody else notice that the demon had 808 HP instead of the stock 840 these should have been even horsepower

jayr122001 says:

demon is a fucking over rated

AuTo___Savage says:

Dodge kept slippin his tires too much

Trinidad Sanchez says:

Dodge makes Garbage always did

Keith Johnson says:

It makes me crazy when these guys buy these cars and don’t know how to drive them

Leo Poti says:

No shit shift the car manual..

Joey Grip says:

Money doesnt by skill🤣

Josip Kirasic says:

The Demon really needs a good tyre warming burnout to hook up properly, especially being rear drive.

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