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supercharger suzuki swift sport

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a short test drive in a tts performance supercharger suzuki swift gti. making 8psi of boost @200bhp and 135ftlb

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ritaj tv says:

ربي يارزقو

jatinder sahota says:

a stock turbo diesel swift faster than that

phantom2k10 says:

ABSOLUTE BEAST i tell ya.once the stock 1.6 vvt is turbocharged or supercharged it becomes so bloody quick.my friend owns a 2010 triple s and he got it turbo charged and it moves like a flipping rocket,it's actually mad.

Antreas Panayiotou says:

How much , the whole project, cost?

jessica wild says:

Blah blah blah, the arguing of turbocharged vs supercharged.

There barely any difference.

One uses straight engine power by being belt driven so it's always pressurised when running.

Cons of supercharging takes a toll on the engine of the engine is maintained on a regular basis.

Now turbo charged on the other hand. Is a little bit more complicated because you have to install a cooling system. For the used has that's coming out of the engine and down into the turbo.
The swift sport doesn't have that much room left after the sports exhaust. They had to remove the full size spare tire so good luck getting a turbo in there.

Cons of a turbo the bigger the turbo the bigger and badder chance of getting sooooooo much turbo lag. For long periods of time.

mohammad agus Alfian says:

hi broo let me ask, how many HP after supercharger add on?? are they difference with suzsport 1.6. anw cooll for the BOV broo!!

Ben Rollings says:

You really want to turn off your esp. Saw it working overtime a couple of times.

Artorius FullPower says:

how much weight complete m16a engine without gearbox?

Moe23pd says:

Nice. My basic swift sport is a fun drive. Would love to have the money to do this to mine

Diaz IBR says:

oh i forgot, both are for daily driven. not race

Diaz IBR says:

then i highly doubt you have ever driven a turbocharged swift one to make a comment like that 🙂
cek this out: /watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ZDzBj2RPeZA
m16a swift daily driven 14.2s @ quarter mile
link: modifikasi.***/showthread.php/192431-Suzuki-Swift-ZC-21-S-Project
and this is the one of the fastest m15a swift in Indonesia. 13.8s @quarter mile
link: modifikasi.***/showthread.php/288581-Black-Swift-1-5-litre-Turbo

Tanja Clayton says:

max speed 195km/h… but 200/h if u push it…

JDM Itch says:

Beautiful! Im gonna buy a swift for my missis… also gonna rotrex my Corolla Tsport up to 400bhp with low compression build:)
Superchargers and Valve lift all the way!
What engine and gearbox mods u done to your swift mate?

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