SUPERFAST KOENIGSEGG REGERA!! | 250MPH!! | Forza Horizon 3 Career With Steering Wheel!!

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What is happenig people!! Today is the FIRST Online Forza Horizon 3 Session of the Series!! Any fancy a Game of Infected & a Drag Race??


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Forza Horizon 3 Xbox One Gameplay

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Will Hardy Drones says:

You need to go on settings and turn traction control off

Dubboi Youngin Vlogs says:

@Its's Romello i just wanna say i enjoy ur videos and i was wondering if u can help out a struggling youruber by giving my youtube channel a shoutout plz

Felix Ferguson says:

What I do around the roundabout is drive on the grass through it then on motoway

d_gang richkids says:

Wht game do you you have to have to play with the wheel

Luljeta Ibraj says:

You 're good in this game

FlovicK AFK says:

Hola pendejos :b

v Noza says:

I have way better cars than you I guess cuz I had the game for ages

Kai mccarthy says:

Try the rs Ford Focus

Michael Harris says:

i like the way you do stuff good start

Luke Morris says:

Do infected with your friends

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