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A day I have been waiting 3 months for! My mother & I ordered my dad a Porsche Macan S Diesel! He has always dreamt of owning a Porsche and has never had a brand new car… so this was a big day for him, he is still in shock and I am so glad we could make this happen for him, he deserves it more than anyone! Love you dad.

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CGM CGM says:

please children finish school…dont believe everything you see .

Taha-Amine Belogbi says:

they speak in french at 1:30

Hunain Zakir says:

It is a Cayman

Ray Reeves says:

"A day I have been waiting 3 months for! My mother & I ordered my dad a Porsche Macan S Diesel!"

omar mills says:

dammmmm thats a awesome car ive never seen it in that blue . we have a few in the bahamas but they are i think ive seen blue black and white ones

P.Devon says:

Diesel why diesel

Jason Bull says:

jeeezzz man , its your dads bday, its a personal day ,the last thing my dad would want is his face plastered  over social media ,and my teenager son shoving a camera in my face ,give him some respect !!!!

Patrick Jin says:

You're awesome, Seb!
Your dad must be so proud of you.

Yanis El mansouri says:

Fait des video en français

Darío Olaya says:

kid:Hey dad happy birthday here is your new porshe.
Dad: awesome, thank you. lets go ride.
kid: wait dad you have to pay it first

School of Tony Humphries says:

YAAAAAASSSS love a car dude with a lil SUGAR in his tank

Elaziz 23 says:

nice son you buy your dad a car if i iave that oppertinuty im gonna do that to respect man. peace

josselin billon says:

La Suisse pays de riche!!

marcandré says:

Wieso hat der Genfer Nummern?

David Richards says:

well that was enough for me to unsubscribe. life will be better for me without the likes of Seb. I actually watched quite a few of his Lotus vids before getting mine. Just the thought of sponsoring him and his life seems wrong, good luck to him though, the formula seems to be working for the time being.

Joey Palochak says:

nice of you to get your dad a new car

Nruthya Shakthi Students says:

Just noticed Blue and Beuatiful

bellboy407 says:

He loses his little homo mind at the end. It's just a fucking car for Gods sake.

bellboy407 says:

I guess this little fruit bat paid for this car with his youtube royalties. lol

Typical Master says:

Guys my dad has a Porsche 911 Carrera gt

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