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Suzuki Swift Sport vs Fiat Panda 100HP – Autoweb test

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BadHans says:

@moc87544 Ok then, I still don't see what's your problem. Any small car is not very safe in collision with full size truck, that's clear, but I tested these car in europe, not in US. Did you drive Swift Sport or Panda 100 HP? They DO deliver. They don't need hundreds of HP, because they're light. And as far as Yeti goes – I don't like small SUV's in general, but that car is seriously good – quite capable in light terrain (not that many will go there) and very good at blacktop. Almost as hatch.

BadHans says:

@moc87544 not even very funny 😉 In my country, we have couple of Veyrons, several Zondas, countless Ferraris, Lambos and Porsches. But as in every country, some (most) people have limited resources. And Swift in particular doesn't suck one iota and is not any death trap either. It's safe and very fun to drive. All this obsession with big buck, big horsepower cars has it's downsides, too. Try to drive some very light car (eg. Lotus Elise mk1, as I did this weekend) and you'll see what I mean.

Djwolf89jump says:

suzuki swift sport 4ever!!!!!!!!

felixrocker95 says:

who is the best?

BadHans says:

Good, you nearly hit it. I'm Czech, that's almost identical language. What I said: Fiat is cheaper, has better six-speed gearbox and immensely fun chassis. I'd rather have Suzuki, thoug. It's more mature car, and as I'm quite tall, I'm not so crammed in. Swift's chassis is huge laugh on the B-road, but it can cope with everyday city drive, too. The only problem is very short 5speed gearbox, which means every highway blast is VERY noisy and pricey.

Nopiw says:

I agree, but the Swift Sport is not like the others.
Only 1030kg and you can fully deactivate ESP.

SkizomanX says:

Give the 1.4 T-jet 120Hp from the grande punto, and the Swift would lost I guess.

Vladimir Kostadinov says:

Suzuki Swift 1.6 liter engine produces 125 bhp (91 kW) at 6800 rpm and 148 N·m (109 lb·ft) torque at 4800 rpm.

Fiat Panda uses the 1.4-litre , 100 bhp

Fair ?!

mpizos says:

panda seams like a panda in china…swift is much better..

swifty64 says:

Are there none of these videos in English?

feco71 says:

Suzuki is much much better!
very good car
very cool to drive

Martin Palička says:

It's interesting that Swift costs 500 000 skk in Slovakia(14 700 Eur!!!), which is 3000! Eur less than it costs in Germany and 1500 less than it costs in Czech republic!So the choice is even simplier,i'll go for Swift 🙂 (despite I like Panda more,it looks better in my opinion)

Greefus says:

i like both those cars

Demis Georgiadis says:

Swift the best!

Sweet Mac says:

Japanese car the best, europe car more expensive!

Bruno Ornelas says:

The Panda is a surprising car if you consider it's high center of gravity. Both these cars are very good overall… Can someone translate the verdict? 🙂

BadHans says:

Yes, the Swift is more grown up car, but then it's quite a lot more expensive. The Panda is real fun though – i had to throw it around pretty seriously before it really lost the traction. For the money… it's real charmer ;-))

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