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Suzuki Swift Sport

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www.alle-autos-in.de – den schnuckeligen Swift gibt es von Suzuki auch in einer sportlich herausgeputzten Version. Den Fahrbericht zum Video finden Sie auf www.alle-autos-in.de. Außerdem: Viele Fotos, Daten, Fakten und Links.

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George twenty says:

ligo epigindini ala poli orea odigisi (Y)

John Josh says:

@toybikex yup but less power and more fuel saver.

xavie summers says:

My boyfriend had this car for six months, got into an accident and the car blew up and he burnt to death………..its not the first accident i heard like this…………….

Toink Tibursho says:

is it true that 2011 swift are have much bigger space than previous model?

Ale Santuz says:

Search also "Suzuki Swift on snow – Onboard"!

Michael Scott says:

Im sorry but $24 000 AUD for the sports its ridiculous! The swifts don't even handle well, they struggle up hills, the ride is rough, I just don't like them. Maybe if the price tag was low then sure.

Istriano says:

very dinamic video

Belle's time says:

I have a 2007 civic type r fn2 and this interior seats, back seats and the side panles looks just like it IT'S LOVELY nice car

Risayogi Sitorus says:

Damn sexy car…

James Starkie says:

yeah it doesnt come with nav. The yaris is the only car in its class to come with one !

ryan riverdrama says:

i want to have SS but local Suzuki dealer doesn't have SS on their line-up…

You can order it via import dealer, but the price will be doubled as a single vehicle shipping will cost more than locally assembly unit or even a dealer imported build up unit.

BTW my 1.5 Swift has 10.7 sec 0-100 km/h acceleration, kinda wasn't meet my expectation -_-

mpizos says:

so you dont have this. . .

citizendarkshines says:

Not sure what's available in UK, but the sport here in AU comes in yellow, black, red, white, blue and like a gunmetal grey

ryan riverdrama says:

i have one like this, in silver…from 0 to 100 kmh below 10 secs

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