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Suzuki Swift

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Tiff Needell loved the Suzuki Swift even in basic 1.3 guise. So when they brought out a 123bhp Sport model he was first with his hand up.

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Dave Bear says:

Hopefully gonna get the new Swift Sport next month. The new model just looks stunning!!

whiff1962 says:

Essentially an overpowered aluminum can. Still, I wouldn't mind test driving the 125 hp version. That is a lot of HP for such a small car.

Chris Bean says:

Thinking of buying one of these, can pick an 07 plate up for like £4500. Only heard good things apart from it should have a 6th gear.

djkenny says:

Why can't they offer a inexpensive sporty car again? NO ONE does in this country. They are full of power everything, heavy, and over 15 grand. Thee is nothing in the market. Not even Mini makes a true, light weight, no power window car. Not even the new Fiat. Maybe there could be a Aveo or Accent sporty car? Add a turbo, suspension, etc…

AceToneRecords says:

swift would be great. I ended up going with an sx4 which aint bad. Excellent awd.

djkenny says:

Wish the USA had a Suzuki Swift GT again. We need an affordable sporty small car.
Give me a reason to trade the 92 VW GTI 16v. Well, I doubt I would

PlayerNineteen says:

the 2012 model has a 4 speed auto and the manual has five

in Australia.

tabber87 says:

0-60 in 8.9 seconds is considered a sport vehicle?

Neo Morison says:

How many gears?

warninshoarmy says:

THE LOWEST GRIP ROAD OF SUZUKI ; SWIFT,VITARA,GRAND VITARA and more rear track than fornt track

warninshoarmy says:

THE LOWEST GRIP ROAD OF SUZUKI ; SWIFT with over 1,000 L/100km ;1,855L/100km in city.2,600L/100km on highway in 5 M/T and 2,855L/100km in city.3,800L/100km on highway in 4 A/T

CarlWiganer says:

Don't know what this costs, but I know on performance etc is blown away by the 500 Abarth.

Omigodable says:

@MegaSuzukiboy Wow! that was smashy!

TheCarArchives says:

the 2004-2010 2004-2011 (India) 2010-present (Pakistan) Suzuki Swift was/is assembled in
China: Chongqing
Hungary: Esztergom
India: Manesar
Indonesia: Bekasi
Japan: Hamamatsu
Malaysia: Pekan
Pakistan: Karachi

dakusaab says:

some one,I'am thinking buying this car????????

Nikola Zivanovic says:

we are talking about suzuki he talks about ferarri any logic there??????????

DydKe7 says:

Polo, Fabia, ciniMini, C2, Twingo and whatever killer 😀

bisi anto says:

Suzuki was good to buid motorcycle and bad at car.
Now, Swift is good choice as practical and reasonable priced car.

camaroboy1905 says:

@tvobssesed u fucking idiot go and watch suzuki swift 1.5 videos than this is swift sport u idiot and gmh? never heard of that piece of shit that just costs 500$! get a life swift sport beats many cars on track search jrc champions last 10 years bitch! retard!

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