NOTE: This is only a portion of the full dashcam video. If you wish to view the full video in its entirety, here’s the link: The Alpharetta Department of Public Safety has released dashcam video of a high speed pursuit that occurred in the early morning hours of Sunday, November 12, 2017. The chase begins on GA-400 Southbound near Mansell Road in Alpharetta, when a patrol car spots a McLaren 720S passing by at a high rate of speed. The officer tails the suspect, who then begins to increase his speed, forcing the officer to activate her emergency equipment. The chase continues at speeds reportedly in excess of 150 MPH. The officer’s V6 police cruiser can hardly keep up with the 700+ HP supercar. The suspect finally pulls over, just past the Northridge Road exit in Sandy Springs. Then, according to police, the driver’s eyes appeared to be glassy and he had a strong smell of alcohol on his breath. After failing a field sobriety test, the driver was arrested and taken to jail with charges that include DUI, speeding, and driving with an expired tag. DISCLAIMER: This dashcam video belongs to the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety. I claim no ownership of this footage and this was only uploaded for educational and documentation purposes only. Also, this video is not monetized, so I am not earning any sort of revenue from this video whatsoever. If the rightful video owner is reading this and does not want this content [More]