I have have perfect Tuned The Hennessey Venom GT for every time win Respect and Cash…if you practice 😉 Nitrous Duration 122% Final Drive 2.251 1st Gear 1.829 2nd Gear 1.608 3rd Gear 1.338 4th Gear 1.168 5th Gear 1.008 6th Gear 0.968 You Can beat my timing in the video also if you practice.. I hope this helps all those Drug Racers .. Since I love now Tuning… haha here is Tuned Pagari Zonda R Nitrous Duration 122% Final Drive 2.503 1st Gear 2.048 2nd Gear 1788 3rd Gear 1.540 4th Gear 1.350 5th Gear 1.160 6th Gear 1.030