A few weeks ago now, when going to a cars and coffee event, some very strange things happened. First we had this sour old man who was cursing at Randy to make him leave, once he complied the guy walked into his McLaren 720s to basically get hit by it. I don’t know why he thought that was a good idea because a follower got it on film and it’s clear this guy was trying to do this. Once it happened however, another guy walking his dog came out of the blue and began to scream at Randy backing the old guy up. Problem was, he didn’t see what everyone else saw. A cop shortly came over and Randy began to talk with him about what happened. The cops were very cool, but the dog walker CAME BACK and things got messy very quickly… Check out some of our best videos!! *MAJOR VIPER ACR DEFECT FOUND* FAULTY WIRING CAUSES REAR WINDSHIELD EXPLOSION! https://youtu.be/FRBq2066Uuo THESE 2 COPS GET YELLED AT BY *ANOTHER* COP FOR REVVING OUR LAMBORGHINI SVJ! https://youtu.be/B_IIrRaj56M *CRAZY UPDATE* CORRUPT KENTUCKY COPS ILLEGALLY TICKET SUPERCAR OWNERS!!! https://youtu.be/K3z9C4lBH8Y I LET DAMON FROM DAILY DRIVEN EXOTICS DRIVE MY AVENTADOR SVJ… NEVER AGAIN!! https://youtu.be/Pz9Kdm2L0PA CORRUPT KENTUCKY COPS ILLEGALLY TICKET SUPERCAR OWNERS!! FT. DAILY DRIVEN EXOTICS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IO2Q40maWjw NJ POLICE ILLEGALLY TICKET AND BULLY LAMBO OWNER!! https://youtu.be/0GDNdsV2hoY On this channel you’ll see many familiar faces (some of which are in this video) from the automotive youtube space and industry. People like Damon and Dave [More]