Rich TVX The family plans to report Davor Dragičević officially as missing; We are thinking of reporting the disappearance of Davor Dragičević, said in a phone interview one of his family members, after every trace Davor Dragičević has been lost for more than 24 hours. According to the latest rumors in Banja Luka, and on Social media, Davor Dragičević, was kidnapped and brutally killed, the same fate like his son David Dragičević. We are shocked by these news. This information is still not confirmed by the government of Republika Srpska, which will have a lot to explain to the world, the moment it´s public. In case this is really true, R.I.P To Our Beloved Hero Davor Dragičević. We are sure you gave them a good fight. You will not be forgotten…#PravdaZaDavida #News #BanjaLuka
Rich TVX A regime that lets beat peaceful demonstrators, and even babies, has lost its legitimacy #PravdaZaDavida #News #BanjaLuka