This episode has some BADASS cars! 1 of 3 Widebody Urus’s we have built is on its way to SEMA in Las Vegas! We change it up last minute with some brand new ADV.1 wheels. Also featured in today’s Episode is a really crazy looking Lamborghini Aventador which includes a plethora of modifications from Vorsteiner, 1016 Industries, Novitec and HRE Wheels! The Verde Ithaca color and Carbon Fiber is a beautiful combination! #RDB #RDBLA 🛒 Shop: 🛒 Shop Auto Care: 🔗 LINKS: ➤RDB LA Website: ➤RDB LA Official Instagram: ➤RDB AUTO CARE: ➤Vik’s Instagram: ➤Mano’s Instagram: ➤Moses Instagram: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🎥 WATCH PREVIOUS EPISODES: ➤Halloween BLOODY Lamborghini URUS, Lots of Screams and Laughs! ➤Chris Brown’s Rolls Royce Makeover 3 of a kind, Lamborghini Aventador on fire. ➤Chris D’Elia’s Audi RS7, WideBody Huracan for Sale, Salomondrin Visits.. ➤Salomondrin’s F1 inspired AMG Wagon, GT53 Mercedes, Burning shoes. ➤Turning a new G63 Mercedes Benz Matte Color, Oranged Out Tiger Lambo. ➤REAL TIGER LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR, HOW TO PICK A WRAP COLOR, RDB FOAM CANNON. ➤CUSTOM PURPLE AUDI Q8 LOOKS STUNNING, THE AMG E63S IS VERY FAST ➤BULLETPROOF TANK, CAR CRASH CAUGHT ON SUNSET BLVD, BLACK TO BLUE PORSCHE. ➤CRAZY TRANSFORMATION MERCEDES AMG GT63, SHOOTING FLAMES ALESSO’S LAMBORGHINI. ➤TRON LAMBO, MARBLE WRAP MCLAREN 720S, REPAINTED CHEVY MALIBU, RDB AUTO CARE! ➤THE WHITEST ROLLS ROYCE CULLINAN ON EARTH, iPhone 11 PRO, RDB AUTO CARE. ➤ELEANOR STYLE MUSTANG MAKEOVER, [More]