The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ is BACK! The last time you saw this Lambo was in our Christmas special giving to kids for the holidays. Randy’s SVJ is now the highest mileage SVJ in the world. It’s been driven all over the country, made countless people smile, and is THE workhorse of the channel. If there’s one thing everyone knows Savage Garage for, it’s that Lamborghini. It’s now a world record holder in multiple regards! Coming into the new year, we’ve got a lot already on the calendar. More crazy content, more rallies, more insanity. Since we never really told the origin story of the SVJ, we figured what better time to talk about it than before we get rolling this year! If you haven’t already, subscribe and hit the notifications bell! Thanks for watching! NEW MERCH SITE NOW LIVE CHECK IT OUT! Check out some of our other great videos! OUR ALL TIME BEST COP MOMENTS! CORRUPT KENTUCKY COPS, SUPERCAR OWNERS VS POLICE, & MORE! CRAZIEST TICKET I’VE EVER RECEIVED! *7FT LONG* 6 TICKETS WRITTEN AT ONCE! (LOCAL COPS FURIOUS) DRIVING OUR OFF ROAD TROPHY TRUCK ON PUBLIC STREETS! *WE COULDN’T BELIEVE THE COPS REACTION* *SUPERCAR SLAYER* STREETSPEED717 1000HP ZR1 CORVETTE DESTROYS OUR PORSCHE GT2RS & MCLAREN 720S! FINALLY! HERE’S EVERY MOD DONE TO OUR NISSAN SKYLINE R34-GTR V-SPEC! *WAY FASTER THAN WE THOUGHT* SHMEE150 MADE ME DO IT… BUYING A RARE 1 OF 5 PORSCHE GT2RS & ROLLS ROYCE SAME DAY! (OVER $700K) [More]