Interview with the Legend, Chris Harris! Huge honour to have Top Gear host and legendary car Journalist on Remove Before Race, it is not an exaggeration to say he inspired me to start talking about cars and eventually making this channel! Though a few weeks ago, Chris and I had a little disagreement on the GT Black Series on Instagram! Chris said he wasn’t excited, and I reacted by disagreeing on stories. Chris spotted this, and suggested we do a video discussing that and everything else around the world of cars and AMG! A weird start to what lead to an amazing discussion, and a chance for me to meet a hero to us all! The main topic of discussion is the GT Black Series and the future of AMG, taken from Chris’ perspective as a previous owner of a CLK Black Series. I also dive into other controversial topics, so on today’s very special episode we dive into: – #MercedesAMG GT Family – Chris Harris on GT Black series – is it too much? – Black Series VS AMG GT R + Pro – AMGs that shouldn’t exist – Personal attacks on Chris – Chris Harris on the A45S – Overpriced modern cars – Influencers vs Journalists – Reality of Press Trips – Youtube vs Top Gear – Chris Harris on the New M3 Touring and M4 – 4 Cylinder C63 – Performance Brands turning Hybrid/Electric Up next on on RBR is the BMW M340i, a surprise from Maybach, [More]