Please subscribe to my channel here… Welcome to the #FastLife VLOG! Dad’s birthday present, in the fastest production car around the infamous Nurburgring! Safe to say… it blew his mind! Make sure you watch to the end to enjoy his brilliant reaction! If you want to book a taxi lap like this with me, with Apex, please drop me a line on my social media! And please let me know your thoughts and content you’d like to see in the comments below! Thanks 🙂 For more info see: VBOX – XPEL – iRacing Referral code – get £15 off your booking – Shot with GoPro Hero 5 & VBOX HD2 Follow for more action packed days on track here: Website: Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: Insta:
Yes, a Pagani Huayra Limited Edition down at Yiannimize. You’d be forgiven for thinking this was a Yiannimize power move into wrapping Transformers. However, this is the first ever Pagani at Yiannimize and it was in for a few personal touches for the Marbek boys. Vasile done all the detailing on this Marbek Huayra; Italian flags on the wing mirrors, red pin stripes, Marbek stickers, custom stripe from front to back. :: THIS Pagani Huayra VIDEO :: » :: MARBEK :: » :: YIANNIMIZE :: » » » » Yianni » Vasile » Chase » Gus » Thanks for watching the Yiannimize Channel. If you liked this video you may also like videos by Shmee150, Salomondrin, Seen Through Glass, Car Throttle, Supercars Of London and Mo Vlogs.
This beautiful black Saleen S7 showed up to the Lamborghini Dealership in Newport Beach. One of the most rare cars I have seen in person so far. Upon entering the car show, the driver locked up the front brakes and almost crashed. But luckily, he made it in one piece. When leaving the show, he accelerated hard and smoke came from the rear of the car. Unsure whether this was clutch or engine smoke but at first I thought he was spinning the tires. Subscribe for more car videos! Filmed with Canon Vixia HF R500