The Koenigsegg Agera RS driven by Niklas Lilja achieves a new world record time of 33.29 seconds for 0-400-0 km/h run. All timing data recorded independently by Racelogic. The run was made on a section of Highway 160 outside of Pahrump, Nevada, in the United States. The highway was closed with the cooperation of local authorities for the purpose of this run.
Combining the best stats (acceleration, speed, drifting, nitro duration) into one car. The idea was suggested by cancerous_ and Jake Noel I couldn’t really make the handling the same as the Biome since I don’t know what exactly makes the car turn so well. The other stuff is pretty much the same as the best cars in those sections. So this was the original idea: Stats: Speed: SLK 55 AMG SE Acceleration: MP4-25 Handling: Biome Drifing: Donkervoort/ Miura/ Super GT Nitro Efficency: Donkervoort Thanks for watching!! Song: Mich – Sea of Envy
Devastating supercar crash with a McLaren 720s in the Nevada desert is what we found 70 feet off the highway! The car was torn to pieces and covered in mud from the mixing of coolant and dirt! Almost looked like it was on fire but wasn’t. The police arrived on scene to find the occupants not around and so they scoured a area of the desert for bodies until we arrived and told them we had information suggesting the 2 occupants were on their way to hospital with non life threatening injuries! JOIN DDE ELITE DDE MERCH:: POLICE FIND ABANDONED MCLAREN 720S DESTROYED IN LAS VEGAS DESERT BUGATTI OWNER RELEASED ON BAIL EXPLAINS LIST OF CHARGES! * DRIVER TELLS ALL * AGGRESSIVE POLICE ARREST BUGATTI OWNER AND SLAM HIM INTO POLICE CAR! * EXCESSIVE FORCE * E85 BANNED! MODIFIED LAMBORGHINI OWNER HACKS ECU TO RUN PUMP GAS YOU WON”T BELIEVE WHY CHP POLICE PULL ME OVER! * This COP Was WRONG * TITANIUM EXHAUST SCREAMING AND TIRES SHREDDING! * 800 hp Lamborghini Laying It Down! * WHAT A $7,000 TITANIUM EXHAUST SOUNDS LIKE! Supercharged Lamborghini DRIFTING MY SUPERCHARGED LAMBORGHINI INSIDE ALEX CHOI’S GARAGE *JAKE PAUL CAMEO* DELIVERY DAY! SUPERCHARGED LAMBORGHINI WITH CHASSIS MOUNTED WING & CANARDS STRAIGHT PIPING ALIEN GREEN MERCEDES AMG G63 *CRAZY LOUD* CANCELED UBER FOR A LYFT IN THIS WILD LAMBORGHINI! *Best LAX Car Service* BUGATTI VEYRON DRIFTING & DONUTS *$150,000 BURNOUT* BUGATTI [More]