Watch Incredible Bugatti Chiron INTERIOR 2016 New Bugatti INTERIOR Bugatti Chiron Price $2.6 Bugatti Chiron Options Watch in UltraHD + SUBSCRIBE #CARJAMTV CARJAM TV – Subscribe Here Now Like Us Now On Facebook: For The World’s Best Car Videos Website: Illuminated C-bar in the Bugatti Chiron interior is the longest light conductor in the automobile industry Newly developed adaptive Bugatti Chiron instrument cluster The instrument cluster in the Bugatti Chiron cockpit is also a completely new development by Bugatti. The Bugatti Chiron cluster, installed in an aluminium housing, consists of three compact Bugatti Chiron displays surrounding the analogue Bugatti Chiron speedometer. High-resolution TFT Bugatti Chiron displays are positioned to the left and right of the speedometer with a smaller flat IPS display located below. The high-resolution graphics are extremely sharp. The principle is that the Bugatti Chiron driver should be offered only the information that is necessary in view of the Bugatti Chiron driving mode that is active. The faster the Bugatti Chiron is driven, the simpler the presentation becomes. For example, infotainment data are hidden and the main focus is on the driving data that the driver actually needs to explore the full potential of this super sports car – safely and extremely enjoyably. Central Bugatti Chiron console with highly sophisticated design The Chiron is home to what is probably the most aesthetically pleasing and narrowest central console used in the automobile sector. The Bugatti Chiron console features the selector lever and four round air conditioning [More]