This is episode 2 in our 3 part series at Barry Meguiar’s home in Southern California on his new Ford GT. Today we discuss the steps Kevin Brown uses when he encounters black finicky paint. He has 3 tips to manage the residue and avoid chasing your tail. This is a game changer for anyone who has ever buffed paint and has not achieved the results they desired. This will get you closer to perfect paint than any other techniques. Big thank you to Kevin Brown for spending an afternoon with me. -Larry If you’re a car fanatic like me, click the link below to be notified of my latest AMMO videos, products, podcasts, website promo’s and to take our quick Detailing Survey! AMMO Formulas used in this video: Recommended products and tools approved by AMMO NYC: Grit Guard & Washboard Stanley FatMax Rupes Paint Light Clay Bar Wash Mitt Invisible Glass Megs D300 Foam Applicator Pads Foam Gun Wheel Woolies Tar Remover Tire Gel Applicator Festool Vacuum Milwaukee Packout Milwaukee 1/2 in Impact Milwaukee Wireless Spkr Milwaukee LED Light Milwaukee M-Spector 360 Console Milwaukee Fan Milwaukee Rapid Charge Festool Vacuum Crevice Rupes Polisher 21 Rupes Polisher 3-in. Megs Foam Polishing Disc 6″ Megs Foam Cutting Disc 6″ Rupes Bag Positector Paint Depth Gauge Mercury Spray Bottle Masterblaster CR [More]