The women was cut off by the motorcycles, the bikers blocked the car in and when the driver stepped out to talk to them she forgot to engage the parking brake causing the vehicle to roll into the bike in front. The bikers proceeded to damage the vehicle by punching and kicking it. One biker even swung at the driver which is why she got back into the vehicle left the scene and called the police from a safer location. ORIGINAL VIDEO (For licensing or usage, contact
Happy Monday! The title is not clickbait, unfortunately while filming the Mclaren upset a road rager. This car is loud and fast, some spirited driving and we meet a very upset driver. What he doesn’t realize is he creates a much more dangerous situation by starting a road rage situation. We have never encountered this before while filming! Back to work, this Mclaren 720s looks unreal in its new “Gloss Army Green” color! And with its recent turbo upgrades it’s also menacingly fast. Also Vik gets a new Capristo exhaust installed on his Urus! TURN ON OUR POST NOTIFICATIONS! SUBSCRIBE!! 🔗 FOLLOW US: ➤RDB LA Website: ➤RDB LA Official Instagram: ➤RDB AUTO CARE: ➤Vik’s Instagram: ➤Mano’s Instagram: ➤Moses Instagram: 🛒 Shop RDB Merch: 🛒 Shop Auto Care: 🛒 Shop Shoes: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🎥 WATCH RECENT EPISODES: ➤1000+ HP Mclaren 720S, 800 HP Lamborghini Urus. ➤Crazy Color Widebody Lamborghini Huracan, Chris Brown’s Light Up Aventador. ➤New Ferrari F8 Review and Test Drive, 2020 G63 Satin Black Wrap. ➤Ferrari $30k Sound System & 2 Widebody Lambo’s. ➤RWB Acid Green Porsche Rebuild, Tesla vs BMW 850. ➤Unreal Looking Tan to Brown Dodge Demon, Lambo Tries to Race.. ➤Yes, We’re Open & Still Working, Mclaren Update, Crazy Steps on a G Wagon! ➤Trio of Mercedes Wrecks, Naked Demon & More Updates on the M3. ➤1000HP BMW E46 TAZAM3 Rebuild VLOG 1. ➤Green Fading Lamborghini Aventador. [More]
On this episode of Ignition presented by Tire Rack (, Jonny Lieberman heads down to South Florida to investigate an odd phenomenon. Supercars like the new Aventador S are extremely popular in Miami, however, the roads are all dead straight. There’s no elevation, either. No backroads, no canyons…in a sense, nothing. Why then is Miami one of Lamborghini’s most important markets? Lieberman gets a small clue when three friends show up in South Beach with three other Lambos, including a unicorn-rare Veneno. Still, he decides to head farther south in search of the answer. Does he find it? And just how fast can a 730hp supercar go? Watch and find out! Facebook – & Twitter – & Google+ –… Instagram – @mt_ignition Website –
Tempers fly and in this episode you see the outcome of road rage from a motorcyclist leaving Palm Beach Cars and Coffee! More on this story to come but while its still under investigation we will keep it to the basics! Motorcycle road rage against a McLaren 720S. ROAD RAGE Motorcyclist VS McLaren 720S / Palm Beach Cars & Coffee FAN MAIL Send To: Daily Driven Exotics PO Box #610 STN MAIN Duncan BC, Canada V9L 3X9 Thank you! Follow me on: Snapchat: damonfryer I spend most of my time making videos for YouTube and then the order of importance falls in the order from top to bottom in the list above FYI!