CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS THANKS TO ASTON MARTIN OF NEWPORT BEACH! The 2019 Aston Martin Vantage is a real sports car — and it’s expensive, with a base price of around $150,000. Today I’m reviewing the new Aston Martin Vantage and I’m going to show you around the 2019 Vantage and show you everything you need to know about the Vantage. FOLLOW ME! Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – DOUGSCORE CHART:
2020 Lamborghini Sian Roadster – Interior and Exterior. Please Consider Subscribing. 0:00 Interior and Exterior 1:58 Facts and Figures 2:40 Design The Sián Roadster’s hybrid system provides the highest power possible via the lightest solution, combining the V12 engine with a new powertrain. A 48-volt e-motor, delivering 34 hp, is incorporated into the gearbox to provide immediate response and improved performance. The e-motor also supports low-speed maneuvers such as reversing and parking with electric power. The Sián Roadster sports Lamborghini’s innovative supercapacitor application: a world-first technology storing ten times the power of a lithium-ion battery. Located in the bulkhead between cockpit and engine it ensures perfect weight distribution. Three times more powerful than a battery of the same weight and three times lighter than a battery producing the same power, the electric system with the supercapacitor and e-motor weighs only 34 kg, thus it delivers a remarkable weight-to-power ratio of 1.0 kg/hp. Symmetric power flow ensures the same efficiency in both charging and discharging cycles: the most lightweight and efficient hybrid solution. This advanced technology combines with the V12 engine, which incorporates titanium intake valves and is uprated to 785 hp (577 kW) at 8,500 rpm. Combined with the additional 34 hp from the hybrid system, the Sián Roadster delivers a total of 819 hp (602 kW) and reaches a top speed of over 350 km/h. The Lamborghini Sián Roadster incorporates a highly sophisticated regenerative braking system, especially developed by Lamborghini. The symmetric behavior of the supercapacitor, which contrary to [More]
The Mercedes CLS has been revealed, with the sleek saloon getting a tweaked exterior and new interior options. This alternative to the Audi A7 will also be available in refreshed AMG CLS 53 guise. Styling tweaks to the Mercedes CLS are subtle to say the least, but it does look a bit fresher. The front bumper gets some tweaks to the intakes for a bit more of an aggressive look, while the rear gets a few chrome trims and a black insert to mimic the shape of a diffuser. You can pick between two new 19-inch alloy wheel designs as well across the range, with AMG Line versions getting 20-inch units available in grey or black. Inside, the new Mercedes CLS’s upgrades are equally tricky to spot. You can pick between two new interior trims — a brown walnut or high-gloss grey wood — and the seats are now available in brown or grey. There’s a new steering wheel too, trimmed in Nappa leather. If you opt for adaptive cruise control, the wheel will be able to detect if you’re concentrating and will bring the car to a safe stop if it detects your hands are elsewhere – if you’ve fallen asleep, for example. You still get a 10.25-inch infotainment system and digital driver’s display dual-screen setup as standard in the new CLS, but you can upgrade this to a pair of larger 12.3-inch screens if you prefer. There’s a pick of three diesel engines for the refreshed Mercedes CLS. [More]
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Back in January 2020, Aston Martin was on the brink of bankruptcy and did not have enough money to finish up the DBX factory in Wales. However, the existing shareholders and the owner of the Racing Point F1 team, Lawrence Stroll, stepped in with a combined half a billion pounds investment to save the company. This life line allowed Aston to straightened up the balance sheet, triple the stock price and as, a part of the deal with Lawrence, sign up the Racing Point team for the 2021 season. Besides, the Brits never stopped the lineup development and we will be welcoming multiple new models for the upcoming year. Today we will let you show you all of the newcomers by Aston Martin, but before we get to the episode make sure to subscribe to #ATDN and ring the bell. Let’s start the engines! This video is a part of our ongoing series about 2021 lineups from the world’s largest automakers, so check out the rest them here: #1 2021 Q BY ASTON MARTIN DBX Due to the aforementioned financial hardships, the DBX is arriving late as a 2021 model, but this delay gave time to introduce the last-minute refinements and expand customization options. #2 Aston Martin DB5 Continuation The DB5 earned the status of the world’s most famous car back in 1964, when it was driven by non-other than the Agent 007 in the movie Goldfinger. Back in the day 900 saloons were produced, and now 55 years [More]
CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS! The new 2021 Aston Martin Vantage Roadster is out — and today, I’m reviewing it. First I’ll take you on a tour of the Vantage Roadster, and then I’ll drive the 2021 Vantage Roadster and show you what it’s like on the road — so you can see a full review of the Aston Martin Vantage Roadster. WEBSITE & MERCH! FOLLOW ME! Twitter – Instagram – Facebook – DOUGSCORE CHART:
The Lamborghini Sián Roadster is a limited edition, open-top hybrid super sports car engineered around Lamborghini’s iconic V12 engine, with unique hybrid technologies and delivering unsurpassed Lamborghini and hybrid performance. The Lamborghini Sián Roadster asserts the futuristic design of the coupé, but as a true roadster adds a new purity with the open-air cabin. The aerial view of the Sián Roadster is evocative of the iconic periscopio line inspired by the first Countach, running diagonally from the cockpit to the rear and culminating in the aerodynamic airstreamers behind driver and passenger. The Sián’s long sculptured contours and characteristic aero wings give the Sián Roadster an unmistakably powerful profile. The car’s very low front, with integrated carbon fiber splitter, houses the iconic Lamborghini Y-shape headlights. The low, powerful chassis houses a next-generation V12 powerplant: ‘Sián’ in local Bolognese dialect, meaning ‘flash’ or ‘lightening’, denotes the Sián Roadster’s electrification as part of the future hybrid strategy, while maintaining the extraordinary emotion and dynamic performance inherent in naturally aspirated Lamborghini super sports cars.   The Sián Roadster’s hybrid system provides the highest power possible via the lightest solution, combining the V12 engine with a new powertrain. A 48-volt e-motor, delivering 34 hp, is incorporated into the gearbox to provide immediate response and improved performance. The e-motor also supports low-speed maneuvers such as reversing and parking with electric power. The Sián Roadster sports Lamborghini’s innovative supercapacitor application: a world-first technology storing ten times the power of a lithium-ion battery. Located in the bulkhead between [More]
CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS THANKS TO STICK SHIFT STUDIOS! The C5 Chevy Corvette Z06 is the ultimate performance car bargain. Today I’m reviewing a C5 Z06 to show you why its such a great deal — and why the 2002 Corvette Z06 is worth a serious look. I’m also driving the Z06 to review its driving experience. WEBSITE & MERCH! FOLLOW ME! Twitter – Instagram – Facebook – DOUGSCORE CHART:
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You won’t believe how much money Bugatti, Hennessey, keonigsegg, lambo and porsche have poured in to their hyper sports cars to make them faster than Tesla’s new roadster! Subscribe for more amazing videos! ► ◄ Ever heard of Elon Musk and Tesla? Well, if you haven’t, you might be living under a rock. They’ve just unveiled their fastest and most innovative car yet. However, they aren’t the only ones pushing the bounds of what a supercar can do. The Tesla Roadster is Elon Musk’s fastest creation yet, and it is impressive. We mean, impressive. Musk’s astonishing vehicle has utterly destroyed the lightning-quick records set by Ferraris and Lamborghinis in the past. However, its reign atop the fastest car ranks hasn’t lasted overly long. Some other notable companies and competitors have been putting their own hypercars together, going so far as spending upwards of 150 million dollars and attaining hair-raising speeds over 300 mph just to develop a vehicle that can surpass Tesla’s finest. In today’s video, we’re going to be taking a look at some of these incredible machines, and how they stack up against Elon Musk’s infamous Roadster. Fasten up your seatbelt, because we’re going to be racing through some of the fastest, and most expensive hypercars ever created. For copyright matters please contact us at:
A replica W16 engine. Paddle-shift gearing. Horseshoe grill. Authentic rims. Tune in and appreciate the features and functions, both inside and out, of the incomparable LEGO Technic 42083 Bugatti Chiron sports car model. When you’re done watching, discover more at Welcome to the official LEGO channel where everything is awesome! This is the home of all your latest LEGO movies, animations, series, and mini-movie from your favorite LEGO themes such as LEGO NINJAGO, LEGO Star Wars, The LEGO Batman Movie, LEGO Minecraft, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, LEGO DC Super Heroes, LEGO City and much more to come in exclusive episodes and stop motion videos. What else? Of course, your weekly LEGO Shows such as REBRICKULOUS, Beyond the Instructions, and a lot of LEGO songs and LEGO movie trailers. You can also be the first one to discover our cool new sets with the LEGO Designer videos for upcoming exclusive LEGO sets. Subscribe to the OFFICIAL LEGO channels: LEGO: LEGO Lab: LEGO Gaming: LEGO FanTube:
2020 Bentley Flying Spur – Interior and Exterior Design. Subscribe. 2020 Bentley Flying Spur Technical Specifications: Engine Configuration: 6.0-litre twin-turbocharged W12 TSI Capacity: 5950 cc / 363 cubic inches Induction: 2x twin-scroll turbochargers, direct intercooling Power: 635 PS / 626 bhp / 467 kW Torque: 900 Nm / 664 lb.ft Bore x stroke: 84 mm x 89.5 mm / 3.3” x 3.52” Top speed: 207mph (333 kph) 0-60 mph: 3.7 s 0-100 kph: 3.8 s The most advanced 12-cylinder engine in the world, the unique ‘W’ configuration means that the engine is considerably shorter than an equivalent V12, benefitting weight distribution and maximizing cabin space. The Flying Spur’s new powertrain uses the very latest engine management technology, delivering noticeably enhanced performance when compared to the previous generation model. It produces 635 PS (626 bhp) and 900 Nm (664 lb.ft) of torque, accelerating the car to 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds (100 km/h in 3.8 seconds), and on to a top speed of 207mph (333 km/h). A more forward front axle position improves weight distribution in the new Flying Spur, enabling improved dynamic precision, handling and balance when coupled with active All-Wheel Drive, All-Wheel Steering and Bentley Dynamic Ride. The new Flying Spur uses the same 8-speed ZF dual-clutch transmission as the Continental GT, for smooth and refined acceleration, quicker gearshifts and improved fuel economy. Faster gearshifts are achieved by pre-selecting the next gear, shortening the interruption of torque to the wheels and so improving performance. Maximum speed is reached in [More]
SSC Ultimate Aero XT The Best Sports Cars. The SSC Ultimate Aero held the title of the fastest production car in the world, according to the Guinness World Records, from 2007 (when it was officially timed at 256.14 mph (412.22 km/h)) until the introduction of the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport in 2010. However, in April 2013, the Guinness World Records disqualified the Veyron’s record time, and reinstated the Ultimate Aero as the fastest production car ever. Lets check it out…!!! МАШИНА ПРОДАЕТСЯ. ЦЕНА 40000 ДОЛЛАРОВ. ПРИНИМАЕМ ЗАКАЗЫ НА ИЗГОТОВЛЕНИЕ (ЦЕНА ОТ 25000 ДОЛЛ) САЙТ ПРОИЗВОДИТЕЛЯ The Most Expensive Children’s Toys! The car is sold. PRICE $ 40,000. We accept orders for manufacturing ( PRICE start $ 25,000). Настоящая машина для детей и негабаритных взрослых. На создание ушло 2 года . Кузов стеклопластиковый, выведенный с большой точостью и умением. 500 кубовый бензиновый движок позволяет разгонятся до 90 км/ч, диски R15, кожанный салон в оранжево-черных тонах, аудиосистема Pioneer, вариаторная КПП, настоящий выдвигающийся спойлер, ламбодвери. Расположение движка, такое же, как и в спортивных взрослых версиях. Детский спорткар расчитан на рост от 120 до 160 см. Все детали изготовлены вручную с максимально возможной идентичностью. Покататься на такой машинке можно будет на автодромах, спортивных картинговых трассах. Для безопасности на спорткар установлены ремни безопасности, регулятор мощности движка для родительского контроля, а для красоты крышка лючка Sparco.