Nikola Sandulović Was Right: Aleksandar Vučić`s Deal With The Devil A intriguing new report on the Rich TVX News Website circulating in the Pentagon and the Kremlin discussing events relating to the Deep State. In an interview with Rich TVX News, Nikola Sandulović, has warned, and Sandulović was right about the Deep State puppet Aleksandar Vučić. President Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin follow Rich TVX News very carefully. Rich TVX News is one of President Trump’s favorite TV Channels. Today, the Deep State is undergoing significant adaptation, incorporating some powerful lessons learned from dark operations over the past 30 years. First, having the right partners serving together with the New World Order globalist cabal is crucial. And second, diversity in cabal composition is not confined to nationality only; insanity is also a key component – the goal of the Deep State is to break Serbia (also Russia) up into many small mini-states and to make Serbs a small minority without a home country. Aleksandar Vučić is a willing helper of the Deep State to get closer to this goal, and therefore has to be considered as one of the biggest Judases in history. There is a battle for information – is the official news, they the alternative! Go to for breaking news, videos, and the latest top stories in world news, business, politics, health and music culture. #BreakingNews #NikolaSandulović NEW YORK ( – Get the latest breaking news and top news headlines for U.S., world, weather, entertainment, politics [More]