Today in this video, I share with you all one of the most amazing experiences I have ever done in my whole life! THE FASTEST CAR MERCEDES MAKES! I went ahead and decided to trade in my 2018 AMG G65 V12 Wagon for a Brand New 2021 Mercedes AMG GT63s! The G wagon was not very gas efficient, coming in around 10.2mpg total on 4000 miles. Additionally a car like a G65 with a V12 engine should not be daily driven. The car could have appreciated in value if less miles were put on it as well. I enjoyed my time with it, however ultimately my decision to trade in the car was also an emotional one. Car shopping with blazendary! 4matic+ newest mercedes benz! PART 2 OF THE GT63S SERIES: PART 3 OF THE GT63S SERIES – WAREHOUSE VLOG! I missed the style and ride of my 2017 C63s amg, my first ever *crazy* car purchase. The AMG GT63s is the perfect mix of an all around beast! With a one of a kind model line exclusive to the AMG, special features like Mercedes Autonomous Features, safety features, lights, and an impressive 639hp engine with V8 biturbo. An incredible top speed of 0-60 in 3.0 seconds! Featuring the 4matic+ AWD for an intense grip on the road. ► SHOP MY ONLINE STORE!! ► Subscribe to my Blazendary Pokemon Channel: ⚡️ ►INSTAGRAM 📸: : (STORE) ►Snapchat: 👻 Special thank you to everyone who [More]
Selamun aleyküm merhabalar 👋🏼 Arkadaşlar bu videoda neredeyse 2 arabadan 1 araba yaptık 🙂 Station vagon çok ayrı bir hastalık dolayısıyla vagon modelimiz W205 C-Klasse için bir tane de W205 Cabrio harcadık. Amg paket olarak üretilen cabrionun komple ön tamponunu , jantlarını disk ve kaliperlerini kısaca komple yürürünü aldık , arka difüzörünü aldık ve Sw aracımıza uyarladık. Tüm uygulamalar videoda iyi seyirler 🙂 Videoyu ‘BEĞEN’meyi ve Görüşlerinizi ‘YORUM’larda Belirtmeyi Unutmayınız🙂 Diğer Videoları İzlemek İçin Veya Hala Kanalıma Abone Değilseniz Linke Tıklayıp ABONE OLabilirsiniz Beni İnstagramdan Takip Etmek İsterseniz
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