Taking a $2Million Bugatti Veyron Mansory to CarMax for an Appraisal

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Big Selza says:

Sneaky Fart 05:32

Maul says:

This is so stupid. Imagine thinking that a NON FACTORY body kit adds value to your car hahahaha. You keep calling these things “1 off” if I spray paint a penis in this side of this guys Ford Taurus he would try to sell it for 2 million because it’s “1 off”

Mike Hair says:

You are soooo cool

Steven Teb says:

That Carmax associate is very well composed and professionally mannered.

Ricardo Milos says:

I’ll buy it for 100k

Richard Cerritelli says:

here's a quote from CarMax wow this is a real nice car will give you top dollar okay will give you $30,000 for it.

Gunny1971 says:

"My car costs a lot, so I can park like a douche. "

Steve Pasquale says:

I’m sorry these cars are hideous

Jonas Beach says:

Double parks with no regard for any other cars in the world.
It’s confirmed! The owner is an A**hole

Bran Tha Broken! says:

Wait wait so its worth another 1.2mill on top of the 1mill just for a body kit?
Edit: did he really say 100,000 for a tune up?

Max Kafka says:

Why are all the guys with super cars so irritating? I’m sure they smash the hottest strippers, but what a collection of assholes

Brian Kingsbury says:

It's perfect, except for the license plate being crooked

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