Taking a Seat in a Koenigsegg Gemera

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Got an exclusive viewing of the koenigsegg gemera. Super comfortable and spacious for a 1700 horsepower car!


Иван Иванов says:

Просто жесть

Ale Orué says:

For all the people saying stuff about the screens, it seems obvious that you don't know nothing about cars, koenigsegg is a company about technology and the future and innovation. They are not trying to make a piece of art like maybe pagani does with their cars. So next time shut up if you don't know what are u talking about.


It’s successor will have more exhaust tips than cylinders lol

Triumph Lover says:

A marvel of engineering!
The interior though is the poster boy for “Money doesn’t buy taste”.

Done Differently says:

Go titans 😉

Youssef B. says:

Exterior: ok
Interior : NOK !

Sandro Olcese says:

El hijito de papá tomándose un selfie

rhesus says:

Nice car I suppose. But on this level Id expect a much nicer instrument cluster. Instead of just a cubical display.


Wou es hermoso… Solo falta que pueda volar. Que sea millonario y me encantaria tenerlo en mi no casa.

Don Spruit says:

Such a bad quality video

Alex Gregory says:

I'll do you one better: WHY is Gemera?

Dobry Max says:

4 планшета?

Eddie Baker says:

Lose the dopey masks.

Link -kun says:

Shittt, and they gave you free 3ds in front of the steering wheels!!? Worth it

civertron says:

Tesla: i have screens.

BMW: i have cameras as mirrors with more screen.

Koenigsegg: Hold my beer.

jadevore1 says:

That steering wheel color is distracting

Higher Education says:

Seat looks hard as fuck. Uncomfortable

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