Taking Delivery of a Bugatti Veyron !!!

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9-d-31- Tharshit says:

I have Bugatti chirron

KrAVLonE says:

Ohh my goshhh, that intro was so cringe !!!

Rahim Merdha says:

I Like it Youar Good bro💖💖💖

Almas Naseer says:

I love This Car

Almas Naseer says:

WoW 🤑🤑🤑 😱😱😱

Jyotsna sanjay shedge says:

Bro bro bro you’re so rich pease make me please please mo

Arsalan Niaz says:

You Muslim👈

RaytenksFR says:

lol lol lol lol lol

Logical Me says:

She is more beautiful than bugaatti

Me My says:

3:48 thats what she said

Pritz87 says:

Meanwhile I am smiling at my broken moped, watching this video lol

Avinash Jordan says:

With dis car price my 4 to 5 generation can live a good life…

Grey man says:

I don't know what to believe on this channel.

Zieg Armildez says:

Its trash, very trash and ugly, fat. The buggati veyron made me throw up

Uday Verma says:

I am here for PS4

Gemma Cabaluna says:

I really like the Bugatti veyron, it’s my dream car and I’m being jealous with you I wish I have that car but I’m still a kid btw is that your girlfriend near right behind you

Shaik Rahil says:



Guys pls subscribe my channel

Alaa Salama says:

انت بتتكلم عربي

Shazmaan Khan says:

5:25 no mo tats not insane we even have that in our low cars in india😂❤️🙄


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