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Taking Delivery of a Koenigsegg Regera and Two Agera RS’

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AJ . says:

The Agera RS looks like the One:1

jeremy brainard says:

Man I wish Dan had a youtube channel.

Sathya Murugesh says:

pagani does not rev it farts but a car fart

Benjamin Shehata says:

My absolute dream car even though I’ll never have it is a Koeninsegg Regera

Car Fans says:

The technology implanted in this car is another world thing much ship

Billy Moussa says:

Who else just wants that beat in the end its so addictive to listen to

Brenden Shouse says:

Koenigsegg? I thought that was a coffee maker?

Maiki Pedro says:

Koenigisseg: 6:16

Isaiah LeDoux says:

You must have around two billion dollars too afford all those cars cuz that's just INSANE

Next Vlog you should get a Porsche 918 spyder (electric version)

Mathis Lamoureux says:

What job is the friends rich

123 123 says:

have not seen a aventador in soooooooo loong!!

///ALEX C says:

James always talking about girth… Making me think twice…

///ALEX C says:

Pagani Chique Tu Madre 5.0

Johan Willems says:

Picture silver space pegspm wild annually winner disorder Greek senior.

M3Conv says:

Come on, lets see a video of a Regera actually being driven properly. Every video i have seen is just of one being driven slowly, for a short distance or CVK yaking on about about it. Everyone wants to know if it actually sounds like a turbo lawnmower stuck in gear.

TheOracle 38 says:

1:39. Is that Joey Salads?

maximus14433 says:

What am i doing with my life!?

seveshan gounden says:

beautiful ?

Dante Jay says:

Wonder if they would let a lady unload it

Luis Bandre says:

Love koenigsegg Regera

Hayson HUNG says:

My dad owns a Ferrari Speciale

FreeHigher 817 says:

What do these people do for a living to afford those cars???

Victoria Jimenez says:

I went to the monteray car show and I saw the regara

Yann says:

love the cars, but the stradman is so fucking cringy, type of faggot who had like nothing but 1 friend growing up.

Alpha Dex says:

Stop saying girth

Colby Borchardt says:

What do these guys do to afford all these fancy cars?

Sad Charles says:

Stradman I have gone to that restaurant before when I was in new port beach and saw an aventador

emadavidc says:

We got it into the garage?…

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