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Taking Delivery of Lamborghini Aventador S | India #149

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Delivery video of the India’s first Lamborghini Aventador S in Bangalore India. In the video you will see Startup and revvs

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My Gear:

Gopro: https://goo.gl/utfgk2
Primary Video Camera: https://goo.gl/LChQLW
Lens 1 : https://goo.gl/JRqPfl
Lens 2 : https://goo.gl/C76Oes
Action Camera: https://goo.gl/vJrNdw

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Prema Ganesh says:

Buddy can u gift

Dilip BK says:

which music track is this? can some one tell me pls

Dilip BK says:

Nice music ,,which one is this?


Which exhaust is it

theodoros ppp says:

that's my dream car right there aventador s

Dikshant Nirwan says:

I Just Say Only Word for This AUTOMOTIVE DREAM ( GORGEOUS BLACK BEAUTY ), So Hottttt !!! If someone have this BLACK BEAUTY then who would think about GIRLFRIEND ????? i think Nobody !!!!!!!

Throttle Talks says:

Hey do visit my carblog for awesome car news throttletalks.blogspot.com

Priyanshu Singh says:

the public don't know the difference between avendator and huracan their reaction is what !!!! a Lamborghini

Priyanshu Singh says:

the public don't know the difference between avendator and huracan their reaction is what !!!! a Lamborghini

SyeD MazhaR says:

India me surf Lambos hi chalre Ferrari kaha khap gayi

A Google User says:

not for Indian muddy and potholi roads

Keshav Achar says:

they r not supercars they r lamboghine

Toms M says:

Beautiful car but for a country such as India a camel is more suitable

ZaKTricKzz ‘ says:

Its sad to say a car that cost 1/3 of price would smash this car in a race(corvette z06)

Sai Kiran says:

When it is gonna release in Hyderabad???


Bro this dude lives near my home bro how did u get the permission of this person to vlog his cars plz reply even I want look at his cars ?

Yoshi Mario says:

Another lambo? What does this person do for a living?

Givara Givara says:

nice color??

John Eli says:

kind of distasteful in a country with such poverty

MadRish says:

bade log badi car ?

Raju Kumaran says:

Fuck ! one day im gonna ride my self in a souped up bitch ass lambo, may it happen….god if you are listening

Anindya Ghosh says:

There's something wrong with the exhaust note

Channel Kevin says:

1:16 the new S doesn't look as good from that angle. The old Aventador still owns it, if it comes down to looks.

Subodh Baheti says:

why would he delete his instagram account??

king kong says:

waste of supercar in such shitty roads and smell in india, sorry.

Sanjiv Thakur says:

did the same person who bought the sv also bought the s

Saketh Kota says:

awesome car

Rafi Baig says:

This's the reason y I think people say Blore as Lamborghini captial of the country 🙂

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