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Tesla Model 3 vs Chevy Bolt vs Nissan Leaf: Which Will Win the Affordable EV Wars?

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( http://www.TFLcar.com ) Tesla Model 3 vs Chevy Bolt vs Nissan Leaf: Which Will Win the Affordable EV Wars?

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Gérard Lefrançois says:

The new Leaf will be very popular.and more available than the model 3 for a couple of years. The model 3 of Tesla is the best for sure with his motor on the axle..

Frost says:

Chevy is shit. Should be called Chevy shitbolt

Pat L says:

Everything should evolve nicely as long as the tree huggers dont get wind on how all the lithium gets mined.

partyguy35 says:

Tessa hands down!

D Nice says:

Electric cars are a gimmick, look at the destruction mining lithium is causing to the eco systems, pick your poison!

J Borcz says:

At 1:54, and 7:33 "in terms of weather or not anyone buys them, that will be largely dependant on legislation and government mandates" in other words weather or not the public is forced to buy them, or manufactures are forced to sell a certain percentage.
This is a key point to me because the EV war is already won by Tesla if they manage to avoid recalls and production delays, since their product is viewed as cool and in demand, by ev fans and the broader public in general.

Signed Up says:

Battery tech held back EVs is BS is in California and similar climates. If GM would have kept their EV alive from the 1990's, how far would we be now?

Signed Up says:

We will all find out that the real pollution in China will be from industrial plants

Signed Up says:

How much emissions will the VW be marketed as: Buyer Beware.

Signed Up says:

Legislation? More information please. What types of protections for society is in this legislation?

solarstacks says:

Pretty simple Tesla 3 is $35K and BOLT is $40k with the Fast Charge port.
Also Tesla have Nationwide Super Charging, Chevy has hit or miss L2 and DC Fast Chargers in cities at a cost but not on Highways.
Tesla has remote updates and not Chevy.
Tesla is Super Safe Chevy is ok.
Tesla car and batteries are the most USA made of any car.

Gabriel Vargas says:

until now May sales 2017 look like Bold is winning, let see what happens in the next follow months
Bold ——- 5950
Leaf ——- 5742
Model 3 — Zero

Burnningsoul says:

Someone forgot to bring another Mic. I think electric cars will boom when they do two things one they are getting close that expands the range of them. The other thing is charge times. Something that few talk about though is the battery life and the costs of replacing them. The batteries are the most expensive single component.

TuxKey says:

I live in holland and ev adoption is low it's now March 2017. We have a mess in regards to charging costs outside and the problem of people living in apartments basically if you're able to have a home charger your ok

Gérard Lefrançois says:

Model 3 will be the winner for sure. The Bolt and the Leaf will be good enough.

葉月。 says:


elmartillogrande says:

I've driven both the Leaf and the Bolt.. i would pick the Leaf every time.. the Bolt has NO new technologies..
I plan to wait and see the Model 3 before I buy but so far looks like I'll wait for the newer Leaf with more range..

Troy Stephens says:

TESLA > Government Motors

Kathie Bosen says:

Tesla will always be on top

David Lopez says:

Electric vehicles will do very well in large cities first, then go from there

Roywood1 says:

Honestly, I'd take a sub 200 mile range per charge if the cars didn't look butt ugly. Give me a regular sedan, crossover, or decent looking hatch. Nissan and Chevy aren't doing that. Tesla is. I guarantee if Chevy or Nissan took cues from Tesla people would reconsider their misconceptions about range anxiety. Attitudes will change if you bring them something worth changing them for. On the topic of aesthetics, for the car companies out there: Don't market to those who can afford (from what I can see, the elderly and people with names like Chad who Kayak on weekends when they aren't at their local mom and pop cafe drinking organic, fair trade, vegan, gluten-free coffee), market to those who will pay (me the every-man).

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