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Tesla Model S P100D: The App!

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With a Tesla comes a Tesla app for iOS and Android. Here’s what it can do!

Shot on OnePlus 3T: https://youtu.be/0f_BTRPUr6k

The Tesla playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBsP89CPrMeMKjHnLfO3WAhiOOxiv5Xqo

Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee


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Logan Bush says:

you live in keaeny

Lambsyacht2 says:

Now that's my dream car

Shubham Dalvi says:

go and study yourself first….hahaha

Paulo Robson says:

Congrats to the video. Very cool know more about the app and car functions. Please keep on this way! You will go far

kdog 187 says:

Where do you get your hoodies

kuyvlnh yfvy uvf says:

you are the best

Chanse Ormon says:

+Marques Brownlee I’d get the Model X P100D I love SUV'S instead of the Sedan

John F. Jr says:

Nice review.What is the Lovely color of your ride?

Ayathurai Praveen says:

Please bro choose me as your Winner Of Your giveaway

Anil india says:

Please Tesla model s giveaway contest

Aman Gangwar says:

Do you own a Tesla ?

sai kishore says:

Love tesla… peace

sandun pg says:

take my money tesla!

redwoodepa says:

My Hyundai does most of this from my bluelink app except the summon ..lol

kristjan pirc says:

is not the app is the phone you shud use the android.

Graphi Graphi says:

you have 666 dislikes

Shema Eric says:

You should tweet to elon he responds there instantly

Paul Williams says:

obviously it works better on IOS then Andriod

Lawstidentity says:

Is that his Merch Hoodies which he is Always wearing? They look amazing

Tip Turkey says:

lol as Jay Leno would say, never use valet parking if you like your vehicle.

W. Kamara Njoku says:

Dude why would you even post this, half of your fans probably can’t afford it.

D J says:

Cheezy intro

Deepak Kumar says:

You are hesitating during speaking

ealiev60 says:

no imagine p100d without all those electricity consuming toys… that would be a nice 400 mile tesla….

Ghosty says:

Sometimes – when I'm sleeping at night – I wake up and just want to go sleep in my Model S.

Marc Jacobs says:

Please tell me the price of this car………

T Vlogs says:


Time I commented is now

throttlemax says:

That microphone is so bad after watching your other videos

Sgt Brobee says:

audio is horrible

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