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Tesla Model S P85D AWD and auto-pilot demo

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More at http://www.slashgear.com/tesla-model-s-d-adds-awd-self-driving-auto-pilot-09350117/

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Zero Tolerance says:

clearly in this demo the tesla employee took his hands off the steering wheel while on autopilot mode. Now due to the latest fatality in Florida, Tesla is telling the owners to keep their hands on the steering wheel at all times??? I thought that was one of the key selling points of the autopilot feature they were bragging about so that you should not have your hands on the wheel.?!?

Andrew Kovalski says:

Now I won't have to ask my friend's anymore to drive my car home when I'm drunk

Kenz300 x says:

Auto pilot is designed to be a driver assist feature. The driver still needs to be able to assume control in an emergency or when the auto pilot turns itself off. The driver still is responsible for controlling the vehicle. It is a great feature and a look at what the future will bring. The safety features like auto braking and lane change warnings are terrific. Auto braking can be a life saver.

Yousef Noori says:

If I had cash, and it was more logical to have a car like this in Saudi Arabia, I'd buy it now, but Gas here is dirt cheap (SAR0.45 for regular, 0.60 for premium) water is 1 riyal for 600 ml, 2L bottle is 2 riyals, so gas is cheaper than water, whether it's premium or regular gas!!

CCC X says:

start buying shares before the launch of the model x, another share price jump


The TESLA Model S can auto-drive. Only need a software-update!

AnimieBahn says:

Just WOW ! What a nice car! 😀

David Felder says:

I look forward to buying one this summer.

pianoman74 says:

K.I.T.T. (Knight Industries Two Thousand) is about to become reality. Whoa. =D Those smartwatches too remotely resemble K.I.T.T.s remote control device that Michael had integrated in his watch in the series. 😉

Keepinitreel says:

I wish I had one! Best car ever!!!

a9653192 says:

I think that the Tesla Model S is really an outstanding vehicle. Elon Musk rewrote the rules of cars, and EV's I just don't find 120k for a well equipped Tesla to be feasible for the average joe.

Vashik The Khajit says:

Not to be a pessimist but I can see a lot going wrong with this type of vehicle

bkpickell says:

So if the car stays in it's lane based off of the lines on the road, what happens if you are on a road that either hasn't painted the lines yet (freshly paved) or the lines are severely faded to the point to where you can't see them? Or in the case of a lot of town around here speed limits aren't posted, people just know what they are.

Joe Shook says:

What a work saver no more lifting a finger and such, and all that braking strain, glad that's over.

vicesat says:

I'm sure i will feel like driving a bike without hands.
Constant anxiety of crash

qbo412 says:

What Elon Musk demonstrated is, if anything, the potential of electric cars.

What I have never understood is the various degrees of opposition to electric cars. I am not talking about healthy skepticisms. I am talking about literal oppositions for whatever reason. For example, in this case, a lot of people are saying a "chevy hellcat" is faster in a quarter mile, ICE is better, therefore electric cars are dumb. First of all, we have had ICE cars for 100 years. Second of all, if we are comparing 2 door track ready cars to a four door sedan, that should already say something. In addition, I read many comments such as "real cars has pistons, electric cars are not real cars." My only explanation is that we are human and humans are inherently resistant to change. In the jungles, we sticked to our clan and habits and that how we survived. 

Anyways, I respect people's opinions and we should have the right to think for ourselves. However these oppositions are hindering our progress. Air pollution a tangible real issue and 0 emission vehicles are clearly the way to go. (You would agree if you live in a largish city and have looked at the sky before and after the rain.) This logically leads to electric cars and solar power, among other solutions. I suppose humans are programed to be short sighted and are driven to survive and reproduce. Changing our dependency on fossil fuel is a massive undertaking with drastic short term risks. However I am just hoping enough of us would have the vision towards the future and think not for our children but children's children because they will be the one to inherit the earth. 

It's just my rant, as Elon Musk have said, some of these things will be apparent in a few years.

Max Christian says:

Just imagine how much more sex is going to happen in cars when they are fully automated.

Jehan K.H says:

This is gonna be my very first car in 2 and a half years from now.

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