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Tesla Model S P85D vs. a Ferrari

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I got a chance to drag race a 691-hp Tesla Model S P85D against a Ferrari and a Lamborghini today, and this is what it felt like:
First impressions: The acceleration is ridiculous. I daily drive an Aventador, and I thought I got used to fast accelerations. But no, the Tesla Model S P85D hauled some serious ass. As a passenger, you do not get a chance to get ready for it at all. My internal organs were glued to the back of my body. I’ve done the P85+ test drive before, and it was already pretty fast. But this P85D is on a whole other level.

We pitted the car’s acceleration against other cars. It pretty much beat everything at the car show (Ferraris and R8s didn’t stand a chance). So I had to pit it against my Aventador, which does 0-60 in 2.8-2.9 seconds. Tesla P85D does it in 3.1-3.2 seconds. Right off the bat, the Tesla got ahead. It gets a good maybe half a car length ahead before the Aventador grips fully and starts hauling. So we decided to make it fairer and only accelerate the Tesla when the Aventador grips and starts moving. That’s when we truly got both cars to start moving at roughly the same time.

Drag Race Results (Note: This was completely casual and not in anyway in ideal, scientific conditions – the Aventador was not doing launch control): The Tesla pulled ahead in the beginning by about the hood length. But Tesla never got a chance to pull away. Instead, the Aventador kept up and was slowly cutting the difference between them with each gear shift. By the 50-60 mph, the Aventador caught up. By the 85 mph mark, the Aventador was half a car length ahead and the Tesla was only at 70-75 mph. So from around 0-60, the Aventador and Tesla P85D were pretty much neck and neck. But from 0-30 or so… the Tesla beat the Aventador. This gives you a general idea of how ridiculously fast the P85D is at the jump.

More observation: It feels different as a driver. Since I can anticipate the acceleration, I don’t get the same scare/thrill that I get as a passenger. It’s to a point where I actually enjoyed being a passenger rather than a driver. But after about a dozen of those 0-60 accelerations, I felt like I had to puke – probably the first time I felt this way in many years. It was a different feeling than what I got from an internal combustion engine car, because when you hear the engine roar, you can kind of anticipate the acceleration that comes after it. But since the Tesla is silent, there’s no warning. I think I almost got a concussion from my head suddenly banging into the headrest because of how little anticipation the car gives you. At one point I was in mid-sentence when my driver floored it, and I had trouble getting the words out of my mouth. It really takes your breath away (literally). The acceleration is at the border between fun and frightening.

Needless to say, I’m having one delivered to me on Christmas.

Edit: Here’s the Tesla Model S P85D vs Lamborghini Aventador:

Here’s the Tesla Model S P85D vs a modern Ferrari 458 Italia:

Allen Wong (regoapps)

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beners says:

Actually just noticed that the ferrari wasn't even bothering, teslas have amazing acceleration but thats the only good thing ill say about these hippymobiles.

themrjones says:

a 30 year old Ferrari lol, thanks mom for letting me drive the ugly electric

Im Favrr says:

Pointless race considering the Ferrari in question is damn near 20 years old.

David Regi says:

keep that Ferrari in museum

Deejay JeanP says:

"Smoke him"

OptimisticPessimist says:

Can't compete with the performance of Ferrari yet; except in acceleration to off highway street legal speeds. Maybe in ten years when weight is cut down a lot from current models. Let's not forget, faster super cars are mainly two seater muscle cars. The Model S is a full size > 2 to 2.5 ton family sedan. How much does the Ferrari weigh?

Jim Cole says:

Would love to see a rolling start with a tesla and not standing still the take off.

paulanderson79 says:

I've test driven a P85+ a year or so back and it's superb. Loads of space, quiet, comfortable and deliciously quick enough even taking a claimed 'slow' 4.8 seconds to reach 62 mph. Don't like the interior greatly, especially the dashboard air vents, the AC is a bit lame compared to a BMW 5 series but I cannot argue with the concept.

ryanhayn says:

Who cares how quickly a Tesla accelerates. Anyone who isn't a granola eating tree hugging hippie will choose the Ferrari over the Tesla.

Account deleted says:

Rolling start, Tesla will lose xD

tf vb says:

"No more loud engine but I love that whirling sound that replaced it"

What a complete and utter faggot.

Hassy Ali says:

Tesla is only good from a dig (complete stop for those dont know the term dig). At any speed the telsa P85D will lose to any car with 400hp+. Its good 0-60 but at a roll it cant grab and fails horribly.

Quinn London says:

HAHA I love how the Tesla propaganda shows drag races in ideal conditions on smooth surfaces in a straight line, its like demoing an iPhone in Tokyo…Bottom line is Aston Martin, Ferrari, MacLaren e.t.c produce performance vehicles which means they are designed to be top performers in difference environments, take corners at crazy speeds, maintain traction, have massive down force, Tesla does not produce a performance car! So don't let these videos go to your head…Just look at the tyres to see the laws of physics at work they are not performance focused less friction and surface area, the brakes fade after heavy work as they are not carbon ceramic, I've driven a Model S and yes in a straight line in dry weather you get the rollercoaster sensation…wow, and then what, the fad wares off after about a day.  Its not beautiful looking and couldn't imagine anyone choosing it over a Bentley or Aston Martin chassis attached to a battery pack, lets be honest once the big European brands get behind electric the Tesla will loose its 'speed' appeal, look you'll always find a San Fransisco, middle class, liberal homo who will choose a Tesla but its not hard to strap on big electric motors, it really isn't it requires a third of the effort working with IC, anyways Tesla its the only kid on the block at the moment and the novelty is there, Aston Martin are working on a car which will combine breathe taking performance and sexy design and also be more luxury…sorry guys but ill pull up to a restaurant in Vanquish over a Model S any day of the week.  its not just about transport its about being exclusive and cars like watches are an abbreviation of who you are.  I fear a future where we all drive an apple car, wear the watch, have the phone, live in a square lego house, work in a concrete block and call our kids John and Jane.  Grey world coming hehe express yourselves.

Sharvin Nannan Panday says:

How does the Tesla never need traction control to kick in for such a rapid acceleration? Does Tesla use special tires or something?

Pie 4life says:

dislike due to pubic street racing other than that cool video

bloggulator says:

Allen,  are you considering upgrading your Model S to the new "Ludicrous" mode? If so, it would great to see some 0-60 and 1/4 mile footage comparing its performance to the Lamborghini Aventador!

Terry Rodbourn says:

You did a rolling stop!!!

ThinkingBetter says:

Anyway, now Model S comes with "Ludicrous Mode" providing 0-60mph in 2.8 seconds. Go away Ferrari…

indieramses says:

Not lost on me, it's a non-polluting, low-maintenance, family sedan! Yikes!

Stuart Richards says:

I love Ferrari as much as the next man but this is just the beginning for electric cars. Soon they'll all be embarrassing petrol engines.

Richard McMillan says:

aventador should be faster or just as fast?

JameAde says:

You can make ANY car fast, just look at the SRT-4. However, the Tesla reminds me of a Buick. There is no "cool", no presence that many other cars have. What would you rather drive… a 1969 Camaro SS 396 in triple black with a 4 speed, or the better technology, newer quicker Tesla S? Which would get more smiles? The message here: the future of technology is not all positive. The future that electric cars are heading towards contain no "car guys" so to speak. It contains granolas.

Snickerz4Lunch says:

the tesla is crap! it has a top speed of 250km/h (with 700hp) that pathetic!

Jason Conaway says:

F12 blows it doors off even when Tesla got a huge hole shot!

Jason Conaway says:

"No more loud engine, but I love that whiling sound" Said no car guy ever! Tesla=lame!

trilingualkid says:

sound like a prius… just saying lol

Boney N says:

Love the way you kicked the ass of that arrogant Ferrari driver and made him look like a dickhead
in his slow old tech car.

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