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Tesla Model S P85D vs Ferrari F12 1/4 Mile Drag Racing

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Watch the Tesla take on a Ferrari F12 down the drag strip.

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Full Details HERE: http://www.dragtimes.com/blog/tesla-model-s-p85d-vs-ferrari-f12

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TheWarfare07 says:

F12 is the truth. Saw one the other day up close have to say it's such a beast. That V12 sounds brutal

Jean-Marc Sarriod d’Introd says:

Tesla é più veloce ma il problema é che avete scelto la P85D provate con P1000D poi vendiamo

Xlion says:

tesla is not a car ,sorry

M I D says:

Tesla has only one gear.. if it had > 3 gears it could beat Ferrari…that's why Ferrari manage to overtake the Tesla…

tuxrunner says:

Tesla starts too early… and loose.

Zong Irresistible says:


Guy Frémont says:

La technique des batteries Li-ion est elle remplacée par des "Super-condensateurs" ?

MaV3ŕiCk PoWėLL says:

Tesla jump start & still gets pwnd by a far superior car.

X Storm says:

yeah yeah… Fucking Old scool Drag race…….. Try a Roll race ( Rolling start ) 50kmh…. ( 1000 Metres )

SV Fun says:

So fun to see those shit cars stop accelerating after launch (forget cornering too…). Hail to the fossil fuel! 🙂

Nick Name says:

Tesla driver its to stupid never will that Ferrari Win.

SediciTurbo says:

blender vs race car…

Pete THE REAL Relentless says:

If the Tesla was designed solely for drag racing it would win. Thats an electric family car in its infancy giving an F12 a run at what it does best.

Big P Big P says:

Man that f12 looks like a viper from the tesla view

Shu Ah says:

Its been years since a ferrari won a drag race…so it was gud to c a ferrari win

Like Button says:

Call me shemale

Bitcoin Baller! says:

When is Tesla gonna move to lighter lithium-ion batteries, and stop towing that anchor?

Bitcoin Baller! says:

The Tesla is a real stud up to 100 MPH. Had the Ferrari.
After that, it's ass is too fat.

Fatal Fury says:

Tesla destroyed. People tend to forget that Tesla is extremely good till like 70-80 miles /hour…that's a joke ,at that speed I change from first to second on my bike

タカポンチャンネル / Takapon CHANNEL says:


zlatan i says:

Bye bye nikola 😀

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