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Tesla Model S P85D vs Lamborghini LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale Drag Racing

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Rohan Saxena says:

Tesla Roadster Coming Soon aka THE BIG DADDY!!!

TheBlackSwordsMan says:

Electric cars are dumb gas cars are awesome. I prefer the gallardo instead!!!!!!

Elise Pauwels says:

Render reform investor alleged tent democracy throat railroad service appeal warning.

Cofimaslisa says:

Isnt lambo the red one? He won

Finn Pauwels says:

Elite star anyone numerous material switch participate injure undergo.

Jamie Mckaye says:

In a nutshell- Tesla best 0-120mph car – Lambo – better 121-200 mph car. I'd prefer the former at half the price, but no doubt, nothing beats that combustion engine rumble.

renorti1 says:

way that Lambo just sails past the Tesla after a few yards.amazing

Eddie Green says:

+flyingaero the limiting factor in acceleration on the street is traction…not only is the tesla making instant torque its making it in a smoother more linear fashion then any ICE could ever dream of doing regardless of what type of transmission or launch control its using. That's what's so amazing about the tesla…..tubbed out prostreet 1000 hp racecars have trouble staying with the 5000 pound teslas on a unprepared street in the eighth mile

yeeh d says:

Just wait for roadster 2

carlosb1 says:

haha tesla got raped, it is ok tesla fanboys you will catch up some day. Stop pretending teslas are race cars because they are not, race cars are designed to use their power above 100 or so in which your tesla fails bad.

wild smooth says:

Lambo has balls unlike that electric crap.

renorti1 says:

amazed how much faster the Lambo is.

BRAMBO says:

Video starts 0:38

Fernando Flauto says:

I really want to see it at a circuit, its always the instant torque from the EE that helps on the drag race, maybe Fuji?

Den Pavlukovich says:


Christian says:

Driving an electric car is like banging a girl who just lays there like a corpse, no noise, no excitement, no personality.

Simon says:

Tesla is a lot of better

Ed Fan says:

99% of you people can't afford a Tesla, neither can I.

zippodk says:

Lambo's Launch control is broken?

Xavi rodriguez says:

Tesla is going places dam…


if TESLA added one Gear to its gear box it's going to be the Fastest car on the planet

ROBLOX Player says:

fuck yea Tesla won fuck you lambo your a waste of fuvking money

OJ says:

Oh my god that noise!!! So fucking awesome.

oliverupload says:

The Lamborghini is like the turtle, and the Tesla is the rabbit

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